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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (Growth Egg)?

I just got to chapter 11 doing the Behemoth - White cat thing fight over and over, was just wondering where to get a Growth Egg to expedite things. Any help would be much appreciated =)

Accepted Answer

From: Celldrax 4 years ago

You get a growth egg after beating Mark 55, a Neochu (Cie'th stone located on the roof of the deserted school in Oerba) But make sure your characters are at LEAST at level 4 in their core's one tough mother. And as stated above, one way you can beat it easily (usually after a LONG time and endless repeated casting) is to use the strategy of using Vanille to cast death on it (the Malboro wand helps......apparently...)

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Misson 55 Use death to kill it!

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Misson 55
use death to kill it!

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I have been doing this, and I was able to kill the neochu with Death, but his minions obliterated me (im almost at lvl 5 role for one role per person) am i too weak? Is there an easier way to kill his minions after the mark is gone?

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I probably wouldn't say they're too weak......level 5 in one role should be enough.......though it's not hard to get overwhelmed by them. But sometimes the best way is to just ALWAYS keep a sentinel in place, while constantly healing it with a medic and try and pick them off one by one with your third character.......I think that's what I did.....if I remember correctly.

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