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All All Questions for Final Fantasy XIII.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can anyone help me with defeating this enemy? 7
Fighting Sanctum Templars Post Game? 4
Giant Behemoth w/ Gorgonopsid? 1
How are you supposed to beat Alexander? 2
How do I beat (barthandalus chapter 9 (aka dyslys falcie))? 1
How do I beat (Baruto Anderusu )? 9
How do I beat (Long Gui)? 3
How do I beat (orphan)? 5
How do I beat (shiva) ? 2
How do I beat ? 2
How do I beat a Neochu? 5
How do I beat atticus? 7
How do I beat Barthandalious? (the second version) 1
How do I beat Barthandalus Episode 9 (and I have read the other posts on this)? 2
How do I beat Barthandelus 2? 2
How do I beat element turtle? 4
How do I beat Hope's Summon? 7
How do I beat Hopes Eidolan, Alexander? 2
How do I beat kalvinka striker the second time ? 2
How do I beat Manasvin Warmech in chapter 3? 5
How do I beat Mission 2 in Taejin's tower? 4
How do I beat Nix (Snow's Eidolon)? 4
How do I beat Raktavija fight 62? 3
How do I beat that flying tank guy, i forgot his name, a detailed explaination would be appriciated? 5
How do I beat the 5 headed boss at the end of chapter 9?i get past his four heads and die after he casts doom 3
How do i beat the big robot thing in the crystalized place?? 3
How do i beat the boss in chater 13? 6
How do I beat the Pscom hit squad? 3
How do I beat ZIRNITRA ? 3
How do I find a long gui or a shalong gui? 5
How do I kill this Eidolon? 5
How to defeat behemoth king? 2
Nix (Snow's Eidolon) some real answers would be nice???????????????? 2
Orphan's status attacks? 5
Orphan: first form stratagy.? 5
What are the best paradigms for all boss battles? 7
Where do I find mission 29? 2
"Screeching" Hell in Mission 55? 1
Any tips on beating an adamaintoise? 1
Any tips on beating the little green guy with the butcher knife and lantern? 1
any tips on beating the Vetala? (poss. spoiler?) 1
Are their any secret bosse's in this game? cause if not, this might be the worst final fantasy ever 6
Attacus the Soulless, Mission 51? 18
Bahamut!!? 1
Barthandelus and orphan? 1
Beating Bathandelus? 2
Can I go back and fight the last boss after I beat him once? 2
Can someone help with mission 64? 2
Can U fight the fal'cie Bismarck? 2
Can you beat Mission 62 before beating the game? 5
Can you fight the Giant lava rock looking creature thats around around in the background in Grandpulse? 3
Can you used Death on Gigantaur ? 1
Cannot beat orphan part 1? 4
Dahaka :Taejin's Tower final boss? 3
Do you get to fight Titan? 1
Does death work on adamantoise ?? 3
Finished the Circle of Cie'th stones; switched to Guis; screwed? 1
Giant tower boss? 1
Help beating Odin? 10
How do I beat (Ambeus Bellows)? 2
How do I beat (Barthandalus or watever dysleys fal'cie form chapter 9)? 1
How do I beat (Barthandelus, second fight)? 3
How do I beat (barthendelus)? 7
How do I beat (Brynhilder, sazhs eidolon)? 1
How do I beat (brynhildr sazhs eidolon)? 1
How do I beat (enki and enlil)? 1
How do I beat (Long Gui or Shalong Gui)? 2
How do I beat (Mission 54, Gigantuar)? 3
How do I beat (Neochu)? 2
How do I beat (TonBerry)? 9
How do I beat (ushugmal subjugator chapter 7)? 1
How do I beat Adamantoise? 1
How do I beat Alexander? 3
How do I beat Anster Protofiorian ? 1
How do I beat Aster Proflorian? 3
How do I beat aster protoflorian? 1
How do I beat Attacus? 1
How do I beat Bartandalus ? 1
How do I beat Barthandalas? 2
How do I beat Barthandelus? 3
How do I beat Behemoth Kings? 4
How do I beat Cid raines in chapter 10? 1
How do I beat Cid Raines? 14
How do I beat Enki and Enlil? 2
How do I beat final boss fight 3? 1
How do I beat Gigantaur (Giant Cactuar)? 8
How do I beat Gigantuar? 1
How do I beat Havoc Skytank? 2
How do I beat hecatoncheir? 1
How do I beat Kalmakava striker (or whatever) chapter 9? 1
How do I beat Lightning's Eidolon? 1
How do I beat midlight reaper? 1
How do I beat Mission 62 (2 raktavija)? 2
How do I beat Neochu? 2
How do I beat Ochu? 1
How do I beat Odin the second Eidon battle? 10
How do I beat orphan in chapter 13? 1
How do I beat orphan part three? 1
How do I beat Proud Clad v2? 3
How do I beat Sazh's Eidolon? 1
How do I beat Stiria & Nyx the Eidalon(sp?) 2
How do I beat the 3 tonberries? 2
How do i beat the elemental turtle things? 2
How do I beat the final boss, phase two? 1
How do I beat the forest boss in chapter 5?? 4
How do I beat the giant flying thing in chapter 11? 2
How do I beat the juggernaut? 2
How do I beat the last boss on disk 2?? 3
How do I beat the orion in chapter 7? 1
How do I beat those huge creatures in Arcylettie Steppe? 2
How do I beat vercingetorix? mission 64 2
How do I defeat Fang's summon: Bahamut? 1
How Do I Defeat Odin? 1
How do i defeat the bohemeth named humbaba? 1
How do I get Mithridates to come out (Cieth stone mission 27)? 4
How do I get past (Vanille's eidolen)? 6
How do you beat bryndhlir( or whatever) Sazh's eidolon? 4
How far into my party's Crystarium for last boss? 1
How the hell do I beat Fang's eldion? 1
How to beat vercingetorix? 2
How to defeat king behemoth? 1
How to kill cid/w/e his name is he turns is to a whitecrystal thing? 1
Is it possible to do a Retry on the final phase of the Final Boss and change Party Leader? 3
Is it possible to kill Long Gui with Death? 2
Is there an easier way to beat Flowering Cactuars? 1
Mission 12?! 2
Need help on beating barthandelus/orphan? 3
Neochu Strategy? 3
recommended weapon/acces. for chapter 6 boss (Vanille & Sazh)? 1
ShaoLongGui--Can seems to get it?? 1
Trapezohedrons? 1
What kind of dmg is the Bombs Self-Destruct? 6
Where do I encounter certain Cactuars? 11
Why is my hp so low did i mess something up somehow? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
C'ieth stone troubleshoot? 3
How do I find the ship? 1
How do I get past mission 11? 1
How do I get to the battle to complete the Hero's Charge mission (Mission 4)? 1
How do I solve (the fifth ark)? 4
How do I solve (treaure hunter)? 1
How do i unlock mission 54? 1
How do I unlock The Gilgamesh shop? 3
How do I use chocobo to find treasure????????????? 3
Incorrect Cie'th stone order? HELP!! 2
Is it possible to do mission 55 without fighting Bartandelus the second time? 3
Is it temporarily too late to go back to Pulse before the final boss? 7
Mission 14 won't unlock. Already did 1-13!? 2
More about treasure hunter? 2
Purple thing? glass globey thing? 3
Where are the portals in Yaschas and Oerba? 2
Where do i find mission 30? 2
Where do I find the c'ieth stone for mission 46 ? 3
Where do i find the last robot part in Oerba? 4
Where do you find chocobos ?? 1
Where is Mission 27? 1
Where is pacti after you beat the game? 4
Where is the next ceith stone? 1
Where Yaschas Massif for mission 3? 2
Are story (side) missions repeatable? 4
can I redo the c'ieth missions in the tower? 1
Cant find C'eith Stone 6? 1
Cie'th stone maps? 1
Cieth stone colors? 1
Final weapons and treasure hunter? 1
Gil Gain? 3
How can I finish mission 62 ? 1
How do i activate cie'th stone mission #55 after beating bartendelus? 2
How do i activate cie'th stone mission #55? 1
How do I catch and ride a Chocobo? 1
How do i find mission 51? 2
How do I find the robot in oerba? 1
How do I get back to Gran Pulse after I'm at the end of Chapter 11? 2
How do i gil farm? 1
How do I solve Cieth quest 30 Syphax the insidious? 2
How do I unlock Mission 14? 2
How do I unlock the mark for E7 (Titan's Throne)? 2
How do I use the yellow indicators ? 2
How do you get the achievment Adamant Will? 1
How do you unlock mission 12? 1
How many missions can I do In chapter 11? 1
How many red cie'th missions are there? 2
Is it possible? 2
L'cie Paragon achievement. can i redo once they're done? 1
Mission locations? 1
Missions And Stars? 1
Object of Interest Front of Namva? 4
Question about achievement Loremaster? 1
Question about achievement Treasure Hunter? 1
There's Missions? 1
Tonberries? 4
What dose the big crystal do that bittumius starts? 3
What is a reccommended amount of cp and crystrium lvl for advancing past Chapter 11??? 5
Where are cieth stone missions 40-49? 1
Where are the chocobos? 3
Where do i find all the special undying cieth? 5
Where is mission 12????? 2
Which quests do I need to complete in order to ride chocobos? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Any significant uses of perfumes? 2
Can Fang take advantage of Random Stagger while using the Taming Pole? 3
Can I get clay rings after finishing the mission that rewards them? 2
Can i go back? 2
Can I retake the reward from the mission? 3
Can Upgrading weapons/accessories make you miss the Treasure Hunter Achievement? 2
Can you please list best maximum level (lvl100) weapon stats for each character? 2
Cie'th Stone Teleports? 2
Fixed Weapons? 2
How bad is ironstrike? 1
How can i get on a chocabo? 1
How can i get the growth egg? 5
How do you get instant chain? 2
How do you upgrade weapons? 3
How many Trapz do you need? 2
Is there any other way to get a growth egg ? 2
Lightnging lionheart? 3
Lightnings weapons? 1
Lionheart EXP? 2
Magic 25% or Magic 250? 4
Omega Weapon? 2
Post game Gil? 3
Sazh's Hi power guns? 3
Superconductors? 2
Synthesis Group Bonus ? 3
Tetradic tierra (Auto haste) ? 4
Upgrading Exp? 2
Weapons? 1
What are best weapons? 14
What are the chances? 2
What do i need too? 2
What does the twenty sided die do? 1
What is the best special ability and what wepean comes with it? 2
What is the best way to get a 5 star ranking from enemies? 4
What is the item required for transforming Kains Lance (Bladed Lance)? 2
What's your prefered place to farm? 4
Whats the best weapon for ravager lightning? 4
When can I recieve lionheart? 5
When do you aqcuire certain Shops? 3
When is a good time to level up weapons? 1
Where can I find (Cobalite)? 3
Where can I find (fire and water charm's)? 4
Where can I find (Hero's amulet)? 1
Where can I find (Imperial Armlet) ? 3
Where can I find (Sol's)? 1
Where can I find (Swift shoes/hermes sandels)? 3
Where can I find a accessory for speed ? 4
Where can I find a save state editor? 1
Where can I find an elixir other than the one located in orphans cradle? 1
Where can I find aqua ring? 1
Where can I find champion's badge? 1
Where can I find cieth stone mission 55? 1
Where can I find dark matter? 4
Where can I find fortisols. deceptisols, and aegisols? 3
Where can I find Ore Vein Hall Roots of Virtue Store? 2
Where can I find shrouds in chapter ten? 2
Where can I find the Axis Blade? 2
Where can I find Treasure Spere 600gil? 5
Where can I find wool? 2
Where can I make money in chapter 12? 3
Which weapons should I upgrade? 1
Why does it seems that at certain times, I get more drops than others? 1
About weapon EXP and leveling...? 1
Adamantortoise wont drop a Trapezohedron? 3
Anybody know a good guide or reference to synthesised abilities, monster drops and and breaking down maxed out items? 4
Anymore than just three Gaian Rings in the game? 1
Appearance of the tier 3 weapons? 1
Axis Blade a good idea? 1
Battle rating and boss drops? 1
Best Weapons for Lightning, Sazh, and Hope? 13
Boomerang!? 2
Can u stack the Growth Egg(Cpx2)? 3
Chocobo Treasure? 1
Collecter books? 1
Collector Catalog? 1
Collector catalog??? 3
Component drop locations? 1
Could someone explain how to use items? 1
Difference between connoisseur catalog and collector catalog? 2
Do "Item Scavenger" and "Item Collector" benefits stack? 4
Do maxed-out weapons/accessories work better? 1
Do these abilities go away? 2
Do you ever get to buy Shrouds? 3
Doctors code? 2
Does an active party member need the growth egg for it to work? 1
Does equiping more than one Collector Catalog improve %? 3
Does the Tetradic Question upgrade into anything useful? 6
Equipping Catalogs? 1
EXP and GIL? 10
Farming for ribbon? 1
Genji Glove? 1
Gil after chapter 9? 2
Glaive transforming? 1
Gold watch? 2
Help on weapons & gil &cp points??????? 2
How can I get the Cactuar Doll from the Cactuar? 2
How can I get trapozohedrons quickly? 2
How do I upgrade weapons past the star? 1
How do you get money? 1
How do you get the 6th ATB? 3
How much does it cost? 1
How much exp does it take to get from a tier 2 weapon to a tier 3 weapon? 2
How to get atb +1 wepons? 1
How to obtain every weapon/accessory? 2
If I re-do a Cieth mission, will I keep getting back the same item? 1
Is it always better to use the weapons you find later? 3
Is it possible to get more than one tier 3 weapon for a character? 1
Is it really possible to upgrade weapons that high? LEVEL 100????? 2
Is the Genji Glove that useful? 1
Is there any point to leveling up accessories that have only two levels and can't be transformed? 2
Is there any way to make a growth egg? 1
Item Effects - Party Leader vs. Party Member? 1
Item? 1
Lightnings Lionheart sword? 1
Lionhearts early break not working? 3
Ok, what's up with leveling up weapons and accessories? 1
Other than paying 2 million gil on Trapezohedron where else can i get one? 3
Perfume/Scarletite farming question? 1
Purpose of components? 1
R&D Depot? 1
Stacking item scavenger and collector? 1
Str, mag? 3
The best way to get x3 multiplier? 3
To get a ribbon...? 1
Treasure hunter clarification? (not on any FAQs) 1
What components can boost the exp multiplier for the different weapons? 2
What do i do with? 1
What does the growth egg level up to? 1
What is a good mission to farm for good upgrading items worth alot of exp? 3
What is the best un-upgraded wepon for each caracter? 2
What is the best weapon for Lightning, Hope, and Fang? 5
What is the most economical way to upgrade weapons and accessories? 2
What is the plus sign after the Accessory? 1
What item do u get from beating doomherald? 1
What item do u need to transform Sazh's guns? 1
What item do u need to upgrade vaneils malbro wand to its third form? 1
What item is used to upgrade wepons for the third time? 2
What should I sell and what should I keep? 3
What transforms the gladias? 1
What upgrades the helter-scelter? 1
Whats the name of the stagger item ? 2
When a weapon or accessory is upgraded to its' maximum level, it can then be transformed. How do you do this? 2
When replaying missions, can you earn the main reward item again? 4
Where are Mycelium (red, blue, and white) located? 1
Where can I find (adamantite)? 1
Where can I find (Army of one power)? 1
Where can I find (Genji Gloves)? 2
Where can I find (Genjis Forearm)? 3
Where can I find (Gilgamesh inc.)? 1
Where can I find (Growth Egg)? 5
Where can I find (ribbon)? 3
Where can I find a good weapon attack wise with Sazh? 1
Where can I find another Survivalist Catalog? 3
Where can I find Ash Titanium Stone? 2
Where can I find bonus weapons in Titan's Trials? 1
Where can I find Chocobo? 1
Where can I find colector's log or a mistory egg? 2
Where can I find compact reactor? 1
Where can I find Connoisseur Catalog? 2
Where can I find Elixer? 2
Where can I find elixirs? 1
Where can I find everyone best weapons? 2
Where can I find Magistral Crest? 2
Where can I find Perovskite? 1
Where can I find Pervoskite (lightning Blazed edge)? 1
Where can I find tetradic tierra? 2
Where can I find the Genji Glove? 1
Where can I find the Taming Pole? 4
Where can I find Trapazhedron(sp)? 2
Where can I find trapezohedron? 7
Which weapons should i upgrade for Snow, Vanille, Light? 2
Which weapons should I upgrade? (Postgame) 1
Why does Omega Weapon when you have 2274 Strength on Final Fantasy 13 only do approx 9000 damage? 3
Why dont i have the chocobo avatar item? 1
Will equiping two catalogs or uprading em will increase the chances of getting rare items? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
How the Hell can I beat Attacus with the crappy team I have? 0
Cactuar cutscene? 3
Does anyone know of an equation for leveling up equipment? 3
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning weapons? (again) 2
Good place for CP farming (Chapter 13)? 3
Good place for farming CP? (Chapter 12) 2
How do I unlock mission 8? 2
How Soon Should I Work On Other Roles? 3
How to do limit breaker?? 2
I can't seem to get any traps any help? 2
I'm on chapter 11 and I think my characters are really good but I keep dying ? 4
Improving Eidolon stats? 5
Increasing deaths success rate? 3
Instant Chain for every character. How can I get it? 1
Is Lionheart really worth it? 3
Is res. and magic res. determined by str and magic stats? 1
Minimum hp/grinding, ch13? 1
Mission 55? 3
NPC Changing Target? 1
Question about the Sentinel role? 5
Redoing missions? 2
The death spell? 3
What is the best strategy for ( Gil making in chapter 11)? 2
What is the best strategy for (Upgrading Weapons)? 1
What is the best strategy for collecting mass amounts gil fast? 2
What is the best strategy for leveling up CP? 2
What is the best strategy for upgrading wepons, and accessories? 1
Why Is my Death not killing anythinhg it is only danaging them and i have the malboro weapon Equipped? 1
Will i ever get to level grind? 5
Would 2 fires be stronger or equal to 1 fira? 1
Adamantoise / Adamantortoise question ? 10
Best place to get exp CP ???? 4
Best use of Gil? 1
Can anyone beat the new elite Tortoises? (post game) 1
Can I get back to the big field with the missions?! 1
Chapter 10 Too Hard? 2
Do -sol buffs and accessory buffs stack? 2
Does Flamestrike, Froststrike, Sparkstrike and Aquastrike damage are base on magic, str or both? 1
Does your CP carry over from chapter to chapter or character switch to character switch? 1
Elemental weaknesses?? Fire Vs. ___???? 2
Gil?? 14
Help in weapons upgrades? 1
Ho do you get the Ethernal Damage synthesis ability? 1
How are Technical Points earned? 1
How do I change Party leaders? 6
How exactly does MP work ? 1
How many levels...? 1
If I miss using Libra on some enemies, do I get another chance? 1
Im Losin Here.!!!!!!? 3
Is there any catch to using retry when you lose a battle? 2
Last boss & items? 1
Need cp fast? 3
No physical damage? 2
Rondom: instant Chain? 3
Sazh as a commando in early chapters? 1
Shifting: When does it happen quickly? 2
Should i upgrade lighting? 2
Stacking classes? 3
Stagger bar sometimes depletes too fast. Sometimes depletes slowly. Why??? 2
Teammates not following Commando? 1
What about bahkti? 2
What amount of CP do I need to get from stage 8 to 10? 2
What are each characters Best weapon? 4
What are the benefits of getting five stars at the end of the battles? 1
What factors into ranking besides Target Time? 1
What is the best strategy for upgrading weapons/accessories?(read additional info) 1
What is the best strategy for upgrading weapons/armor/items? 1
What is the best weapons, accessories, and Paradigms for facing Barthandelus? 1
What's the deal with MP? 1
When the leader dies? 1
When using the Genji Gloves? 1
Why is my team member attacking another enemy? 4

Other Help Answers
(Chocopop ?) 2
About how long is ff 13? 6
Am i the only one who gets offended when people talk smack on hope? 5
Any earth magic or objets? 3
Any place to or enemy to beat to get cp and money item? Chp 11 3
Are there multiple save files for this game? 3
Battles? 1
Bismark Boss Fight? 1
Can anyone give me a guide? 1
Can I go RETURN to Gapra Whitewoods before/after I finished the game? 1
Can somebody help me with a site? 1
Can someone tell me what the elements are in order plz? 2
Can u continue after u beat the game? 1
Can you change the difficulty? 2
Can you switch leaders in the game?? 5
Ceth mission's? 1
Cocoon? 2
Crystogen question? 1
Data problems? 1
Does the amount of CP needed to level up dramatically increase after the Cid fight? 1
Dungeon Maps? 1
Final Fantasy XIII exclusive member code? 1
Gladius Weapon Upgrade? 1
Glitched achievement maybe? 2
How can I transform Millerite and other items into a catalyst? 1
How do i activate the teleport so i can go oerba? 1
How do i do .........premative strike? 2
How do i get long gui to show up? 2
How do i unlock commando lvl2? 2
How do you get money really easy in the game? 2
How do you get the 4th accessory slot in the game? 1
How is defence measured? 2
I need help useing crystarium? 3
I'm not sure if my game is bugged? 1
Im on chapter 12 and want to farm on Adamantortise's and Adamantoise's But..? 1
Is it true that the battles are very easy all the way though the game? 6
Is there any way, beside quake, to use a ground attack? 1
Is there chocobo breeding/racing in the 360 version? 1
Is this true? 3
leveling your ATB gauge? 3
Long gui's? 2
Missable Achievements? 4
Missing important farm spots? 5
Mission 64 Won't Load, why? 1
Need help on activating post game missions? 1
New Game with power ups? 1
Paragridm tutorial? 1
Playing after you complete the game? 2
Playing the game first time around, is it worth doing missions? 1
Post Game-How to level, and Mark Missions help? 2
Region Coding? 1
Region?? 1
Should I get this game? 1
Synergist options? 1
Techniques and Abillity? 1
Tiers? 2
Transforming weapons? 1
Treasure Hunt acheivment? 1
Treasure Hunter Problem? 2
Vanille's Death? 1
Warping? 1
What Are the max lvl on weapons and classes like ravanger? 2
What are the numbers of the missions that are waystones and do they look special? 2
What can you do after you beat the game? 2
What does the role level sphere do? 1
What is the forest boss in final fantasy 13 in chapter 5 ? 2
What is the perge and the fal cie and that pulse and those other fal cie things i dont understand? 3
What is the title of the normal battle song? 1
What is this game about? 4
Whats better XBOX or PS3? 4
When are the long gui? 4
When I beat the game what can I do? 2
When it comes down to it, how different is FF 13 compared to other FF games? 3
Where is everyones final weapons and how do you get them? 2
Where is mission 31-34? 1
Where to farm in the begining of Chapter 11? 2
Why am I missing Loremaster achieve? 1
Will I sell the Entite Ring? 2
Will they have a demo for this game any time soon? 3
Accessories ability? 1
After Beating FF13? 2
After Mission 7? 2
Anybody else get screwed on their achivevements? 1
Are new weapons added to the list of buyable weapons as you progress through the game? 1
Are role level bonuses permanent or are they only applicable when you are in that role? 1
Are there any items/weapons that I can't get if I try for 100% later in the game? 10
Are there any missable things? 1
At what point do I get to choose who is in my party? 1
Best team? 6
Big red thing in pulse? 1
Cactuar? 5
Can anyone answer my question about Snow? 1
Can I complete all 64 Cie'th stone missions without advancing story? 6
Can i still go and fight the templars? 1
Can someone explain to me how upgrading works? 2
Can you control more than one character in this game or can you only control the "leader"? 3
Can you face that big iron giant looking thing on the archlyte steppe? 4
Commando role for Sazh..? 1
Crystarium stage 9 abilities? 1
Crystarium? 1
Crystogen Points? 1
Cut scene at end of game? 2
Cutscenes? 1
Disc 3? 1
Do eidolons get more pwerful? 1
Do US copies of the game feature the original Japanese dubbing? 1
Do you get to fight Gilgamesh in this one? 1
Does anybody have problem with achievements after the update from xbox live? 3
Does keeping the screen on pause add to your total play time? 1
Does Retrying effect anything? 2
Does the game open up even more? 1
Does the music, Saber's Edge, play on any of the missions 01-64? 2
Doom? 6
Downloadable Content? 2
Easiest way for loremaster achievement? 1
Fang and Vanille's Relationship?? 1
Getting back to Gran Pulse from the tower? 1
Gilgamesh Store? 2
Green Circles??? 1
Have i gone wrong somewhere? 1
Help me find comparable games to ff13? 3
Help needed to Upgrade weopons and LVLIN up? 1
Help with the level grid? 3
Hope weapon changing? 1
How do i get back to oerba after beating the game? 1
How do shops unlock more things in stock? 1
How do u unlock missions 11,12,13,and14. did 1-10? 1
How do you get Gil? 1
How do you make money in this game? 1
How does leveling up work? 7
How many accessories can each character have? 3
How many discs is the 360 version? 5
How many hors of gameplay? 3
How much HP can you have without the HP+ accessories? 1
How to get back to Grand pulse again? 1
I'm on chapter 4 when do I get to play as snow again? 1
If i went through the story chapters until i get to Gran Pulse...? 1
Im new so? 2
Is Fang, Rinoa? 1
Is it possible for Hope to beat the Ushumgal Subjugator alone? 4
Is the game really this linear? 5
Is the game still playable even after you beat it?(without starting a new game) 2
Is the grid system getting bigger? 1
Is there a different between Final Fantasy XIII in PS3 and xbox 360? 1
Is there an in-game way to track which Ci'eth Stone Missions you've completed? 1
Is there any hope that an english version of the game will be released for japan region 360s??? even if it takes a year? 3
Is there any point where you can travel to areas you've already been to? 1
Is there free roaming? 2
Is there only one summon per character? 1
Is this game good? 2
Later in the game can u go anywhere? 1
Length? 1
Master's Seal? 1
Multiplayer? 1
New game +? 1
Once I beat the main stoy are the Mark Mission's inside of Taejin's Tower still there? 1
PS3 Version vs X360 Version? 2
Pulsian Pioneer? 1
Random Question..? 1
Region problem ??? 1
Right now I'm fighting the Proudclad. Is it possible to get back to pulse? 3
Soundtrack Question? 2
Square Enix StereoTypes? 6
Superstar achievement? 1
Treasure hunter help? 1
Way stones? 2
Weapon exp?? 1
Weapon levels? 5
What do these status enhancements do? 3
What happened to the orange haired guy?????? 2
What is a "Pardigrim"? 1
What is the battle system like? 3
What is the opening menu's song? 1
What is the point of Role Levels? 1
What's this game's replayability like? 6
When do i get the ability to upgrade my weapons? 1
When do i get to change battle team members? 1
Where can i find Shaolong Guis at? 1
Where can I get More Money? 3
Where do i find l'cie missions 9,10,18? 1
Where is a good place to farm for CP and Gil post game? 3
Where is Lightning's L'cie brand? 1
Who are the english Voice Actors in FF XIII? 2
Why do i get one shoted? 1
Why does the atb gauge change from blue to red to yellow sometimes? 1
Why is there 3 disks? 1
Why won't it let me stagger my opponents anymore in chapter 11? 2
Will they have online play with others? 9
Witch way do i go in chapter 11? 1
World map ? 2
Xbox disks - hotswap? copy2hdd? 4
Yellow Rings? 1

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