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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Can anyone help me with defeating this enemy? Open 7
Fighting Sanctum Templars Post Game? Open 4
Giant Behemoth w/ Gorgonopsid? Open 1
How are you supposed to beat Alexander? Open 2
How do I beat (barthandalus chapter 9 (aka dyslys falcie))? Open 1
How do I beat (Baruto Anderusu )? Open 9
How do I beat (Long Gui)? Open 3
How do I beat (orphan)? Open 4
How do I beat (shiva) ? Open 2
How do I beat ? Open 2
How do I beat a Neochu? Open 5
How do I beat atticus? Open 7
How do I beat Barthandalious? (the second version) Open 1
How do I beat Barthandalus Episode 9 (and I have read the other posts on this)? Open 1
How do I beat Barthandelus 2? Open 1
How do I beat element turtle? Open 4
How do I beat Hope's Summon? Open 7
How do I beat kalvinka striker the second time ? Open 2
How do I beat Manasvin Warmech in chapter 3? Open 5
How do I beat Mission 2 in Taejin's tower? Open 4
How do I beat Nix (Snow's Eidolon)? Open 1
How do I beat Raktavija fight 62? Open 2
How do I beat that flying tank guy, i forgot his name, a detailed explaination would be appriciated? Open 5
How do I beat the 5 headed boss at the end of chapter 9?i get past his four heads and die after he casts doom Open 3
How do i beat the big robot thing in the crystalized place?? Open 3
How do i beat the boss in chater 13? Open 4
How do I beat the Pscom hit squad? Open 3
How do I beat ZIRNITRA ? Open 3
How do I find a long gui or a shalong gui? Open 4
How do I kill this Eidolon? Open 5
How to defeat behemoth king? Open 2
Nix (Snow's Eidolon) some real answers would be nice???????????????? Open 2
Orphan's status attacks? Open 5
Orphan: first form stratagy.? Open 5
What are the best paradigms for all boss battles? Open 6
Where do I find mission 29? Open 2
Item Help status answers
Any significant uses of perfumes? Open 2
Can Fang take advantage of Random Stagger while using the Taming Pole? Open 3
Can I get clay rings after finishing the mission that rewards them? Open 2
Can i go back? Open 2
Can I retake the reward from the mission? Open 3
Can Upgrading weapons/accessories make you miss the Treasure Hunter Achievement? Open 2
Can you please list best maximum level (lvl100) weapon stats for each character? Open 2
Cie'th Stone Teleports? Open 2
Fixed Weapons? Open 2
How bad is ironstrike? Open 1
How can i get on a chocabo? Open 1
How can i get the growth egg? Open 5
How do you get instant chain? Open 2
How do you upgrade weapons? Open 3
How many Trapz do you need? Open 2
Is there any other way to get a growth egg ? Open 2
Lightnging lionheart? Open 3
Lightnings weapons? Open 1
Lionheart EXP? Open 2
Magic 25% or Magic 250? Open 4
Omega Weapon? Open 2
Post game Gil? Open 3
Sazh's Hi power guns? Open 3
Superconductors? Open 2
Synthesis Group Bonus ? Open 3
Tetradic tierra (Auto haste) ? Open 4
Upgrading Exp? Open 2
Weapons? Open 1
What are best weapons? Open 14
What are the chances? Open 2
What do i need too? Open 2
What does the twenty sided die do? Open 1
What is the best special ability and what wepean comes with it? Open 2
What is the best way to get a 5 star ranking from enemies? Open 4
What is the item required for transforming Kains Lance (Bladed Lance)? Open 2
What's your prefered place to farm? Open 3
Whats the best weapon for ravager lightning? Open 4
When can I recieve lionheart? Open 5
When do you aqcuire certain Shops? Open 3
When is a good time to level up weapons? Open 1
Where can I find (Cobalite)? Open 3
Where can I find (fire and water charm's)? Open 4
Where can I find (Hero's amulet)? Open 1
Where can I find (Imperial Armlet) ? Open 3
Where can I find (Sol's)? Open 1
Where can I find (Swift shoes/hermes sandels)? Open 3
Where can I find a accessory for speed ? Open 4
Where can I find a save state editor? Open 1
Where can I find an elixir other than the one located in orphans cradle? Open 1
Where can I find aqua ring? Open 1
Where can I find champion's badge? Open 1
Where can I find cieth stone mission 55? Open 1
Where can I find dark matter? Open 4
Where can I find fortisols. deceptisols, and aegisols? Open 3
Where can I find Ore Vein Hall Roots of Virtue Store? Open 2
Where can I find shrouds in chapter ten? Open 2
Where can I find the Axis Blade? Open 2
Where can I find Treasure Spere 600gil? Open 4
Where can I find wool? Open 2
Where can I make money in chapter 12? Open 3
Which weapons should I upgrade? Open 1
Why does it seems that at certain times, I get more drops than others? Open 1
Plot Help status answers
Does Serrah have an Eidolon? Open 15
Vanille's background? Open 4
Who is the final boss? Open 4
Other Help status answers
(Chocopop ?) Open 2
About how long is ff 13? Open 6
Am i the only one who gets offended when people talk smack on hope? Open 5
Any earth magic or objets? Open 3
Any place to or enemy to beat to get cp and money item? Chp 11 Open 3
Are there multiple save files for this game? Open 3
Battles? Open 1
Bismark Boss Fight? Open 1
Can anyone give me a guide? Open 1
Can I go RETURN to Gapra Whitewoods before/after I finished the game? Open 1
Can somebody help me with a site? Open 1
Can someone tell me what the elements are in order plz? Open 2
Can u continue after u beat the game? Open 1
Can you change the difficulty? Open 2
Can you switch leaders in the game?? Open 5
Ceth mission's? Open 1
Cocoon? Open 2
Crystogen question? Open 1
Data problems? Open 1
Does the amount of CP needed to level up dramatically increase after the Cid fight? Open 1
Dungeon Maps? Open 1
Final Fantasy XIII exclusive member code? Open 1
Gladius Weapon Upgrade? Open 1
Glitched achievement maybe? Open 2
How can I transform Millerite and other items into a catalyst? Open 1
How do i activate the teleport so i can go oerba? Open 1
How do i do .........premative strike? Open 2
How do i get long gui to show up? Open 2
How do i unlock commando lvl2? Open 2
How do you get money really easy in the game? Open 2
How do you get the 4th accessory slot in the game? Open 1
How is defence measured? Open 2
I need help useing crystarium? Open 3
I'm not sure if my game is bugged? Open 1
Im on chapter 12 and want to farm on Adamantortise's and Adamantoise's But..? Open 1
Is it true that the battles are very easy all the way though the game? Open 6
Is there any way, beside quake, to use a ground attack? Open 1
Is there chocobo breeding/racing in the 360 version? Open 1
Is this true? Open 3
leveling your ATB gauge? Open 3
Long gui's? Open 2
Missable Achievements? Open 4
Missing important farm spots? Open 5
Mission 64 Won't Load, why? Open 1
Need help on activating post game missions? Open 1
New Game with power ups? Open 1
Paragridm tutorial? Open 1
Playing after you complete the game? Open 2
Playing the game first time around, is it worth doing missions? Open 1
Post Game-How to level, and Mark Missions help? Open 2
Region Coding? Open 1
Region?? Open 1
Should I get this game? Open 1
Synergist options? Open 1
Techniques and Abillity? Open 1
Tiers? Open 2
Transforming weapons? Open 1
Treasure Hunt acheivment? Open 1
Treasure Hunter Problem? Open 2
Vanille's Death? Open 1
Warping? Open 1
What Are the max lvl on weapons and classes like ravanger? Open 2
What are the numbers of the missions that are waystones and do they look special? Open 2
What can you do after you beat the game? Open 2
What does the role level sphere do? Open 1
What is the forest boss in final fantasy 13 in chapter 5 ? Open 2
What is the perge and the fal cie and that pulse and those other fal cie things i dont understand? Open 3
What is the title of the normal battle song? Open 1
What is this game about? Open 4
Whats better XBOX or PS3? Open 4
When are the long gui? Open 4
When I beat the game what can I do? Open 2
When it comes down to it, how different is FF 13 compared to other FF games? Open 3
Where is everyones final weapons and how do you get them? Open 2
Where is mission 31-34? Open 1
Where to farm in the begining of Chapter 11? Open 2
Why am I missing Loremaster achieve? Open 1
Will I sell the Entite Ring? Open 2
Will they have a demo for this game any time soon? Open 3

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