Secondary Role Challenge Guide by Ephemeral_Being

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Secondary Roles Challenge

Table of Contents
{1}  Introduction
{2}  Using the Crystarium
{3}  Preparation for The Fifth Ark
{4}  The Fifth Ark
{5}  Getting the Hang of Things
{6}  Mission Time!
{7}  Ma'habara Subterra
{8}  Sulyya Springs
{9}  Taejin's Tower
{10} Oerba
{11) Back to Cocoon
{12} Back to Pulse
{13} The Final Battle
{14} Contact Information/More to Come
{15} Legal Informaton

{1} Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the first (and only) guide dedicated to a 
Secondary Roles Challenge.  This is a rather unusual challenge in that 
it doesn't actually begin until you get to the Fifth Ark.  This is, of 
course, in Chapter 10.  Before that, the game plays like NCU.  You will 
not be upgrading the Crystarium until you have access to the Secondary 
Roles, and at that point you will never use the Primary Roles again.  
Near the beginning of the Fifth Ark, you will have trouble with not 
having enough abilities, like not having all the elements on Fang or 
only Bravery/Faith on Lightning. You will also have the problem of not 
having more than one Ravager.   That's fine.  If you beat NCU, this 
challenge should present no problem.

There is more good news if you didn't want to play NCU.  There is no 
Chocobo farming, but instead most gil is gathered by killing 
Sacrifices.  This has two benefits, one being that you amass CP at the 
same time, the other being that it is marginally less boring.  If you 
hate farming, though, this probably isn't for you.  

{2} Using the Crystarium

The biggest advantage you are going to have over an NCU game are the 
stat boosts.  These obviously differ at each Crystarium level, but they 
are amazingly helpful.  The final stats will be listed for each 
character by Crystarium level (7, 8, 9 and 10 in the post game)


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1100
Strength: 144
Magic: 142

Level 8
Hp: 1275
Strength: 219
Magic: 180

Level 9
Hp: 2175
Strength: 237
Magic: 240

Level 10
Hp: 4375
Strength: 291
Magic: 285


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1035
Strength: 124
Magic: 138

Level 8
Hp: 1185
Strength: 124
Magic: 178

Level 9
Hp: 1735
Strength: 164
Magic: 223

Level 10
Hp: 4135
Strength: 214
Magic: 273


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1335
Strength: 114
Magic: 141

Level 8
Hp: 1555
Strength: 113
Magic: 146

Level 9
Hp: 2285
Strength: 169
Magic: 206

Level 10
Hp: 4685
Strength: 159
Magic: 276


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1185
Strength: 118
Magic: 117

Level 8
Hp: 1360
Strength: 133
Magic: 132

Level 9
Hp: 2520
Strength: 171
Magic: 168

Level 10
Hp: 5020
Strength: 201
Magic: 210


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1850
Strength: 158
Magic: 124

Level 8
Hp: 2230
Strength: 178
Magic: 137

Level 9
Hp: 3390
Strength: 208
Magic: 185

Level 10
Hp: 5400
Strength: 228
Magic: 242


Level 7 *You shouldn't cap this before expanding.  
Hp: 1720
Strength: 166
Magic: 126

Level 8
Hp: 2115
Strength: 211
Magic: 161

Level 9
Hp: 2965
Strength: 261
Magic: 211

Level 10
Hp: 4165
Strength: 291
Magic: 241

{3} Preperation for The Fifth Ark

***Chapter 7***

We will be doing the farming for upgrades in the Estheim Residence in 
Chapter 7 because the enemies are easier and the drops are better.

Your party is Lightning/Fang/Hope



Run through the house in circles, taking out the PSICOM Bombadier in 
the back and then the two gunners.  You shouldn't even have to heal 
when you are strong enough.

Your goal is to get

99 Phoenix Downs (from drops)
99 Potions
99 of every status curing item
Tier One * Bladed Lance
Tier One * Hawkeye
Tier One * Edged Carbine
Tier One * Belladonna Wand
Tier One * Deneb Duellers 
Maxed Brawler's Wristband
Maxed out Shaman's Mark #
About 400K gil.  This includes the money you get from selling all of 
the extra equipment you find.

This will be used to buy things before the Barthandelus fight
Maxed out Gold Bangle
Upgrade the Gold Bangle to Mithril Bangle 
Maxed Titanium Bangle for Vanille 

Then upgrades before the fight with Raines
Tier One * Pandoran Spear 

You will also need to get the two Doctor's Codes.

***Chapter 9***

You need to have about 100K CP before beating Barthandelus.  That will 
buy you between 10 and 20 nodes.

{4} The Fifth Ark

Complete the one fight before you get the secondary roles. Now it's 
time to upgrade your Crystarium.


Sentinel up through Elude (Berserkers and Raines)
Saboteur as high as you can (Upping the stagger bar after you summon 

Get Ruin, then go get Deprotega and Deshellga

Everything into Commando (Ruin is the goal)

It doesn't matter.  We don't use him for a while.

Everything into Medic (Main medic due to Cura)

Everything into Ravager (I got up to Aero)

Your main team is going to be Fang/Snow/Vanille

Equip Fang with the Sorcerer's Mark, Snow with a bangle and Vanille 
with the highest Hp bangle you have (Mithril, preferably)


This is the beginning of the actual challenge.  Just work your way 
through the Arc, fighting everything you can up to the berserkers.  
This will be the first really challenging fight.  It is optional, 
though, so you could skip it if you don't feel you need the CP.

***Berserker and Centaurion Blade***

You won't need a sentinel for this one.  So, your party becomes 


Just beat him to death after inflicting whatever debuffs you can, 
helping Snow heal as nescessary.  You will get 5 stars at the end 
without shrouds, and then you can get the treasure chest.  But the 
Rigels aren't necessary.  Heck, you could skip both battles if you 
don't want to try them.

Go through the Ark, busting the enemies as you go.  It shouldn't take 
you very long.  Eventually, you will reach huge parties of enemies that 
are impossible to take out without summons.  Ignore them, or Deceptisol 
your way by them.  This also applies to the King Behemoths, though you 
could beat them.  It takes about 15 minutes for 400 CP.  Not a good 

Eventually, you get to the end of the road where Cid Raines in waiting 
for you

***Cid Raines***

Odin is going to finish this guy off, so Lightning will be your leader 
and you will want Fang and Hope as backup.

Start with both Fortisol and Aegisol


Put whatever debuffs you have onto Cid, then switch into Sentinel.  
You Provoke him, then just sit there and use potions to heal.  Very 

Eventually, Cid will grow wings and do an attack called Seraphic Ray, 
which you should try to Eidolon cancel.
As a Sab, use the abilities tab and just keep spamming debuffs until 
the Gestalt bar is full.  Then attack with Up+X until Zantetsuken is 
the only option or the stagger bar is almost gone.  He should suffer 
instant death.

Alright!  Crystarium Level Up!  Not that we've gotten this level maxed 
out, but just be happy that it's there.

After this, ride down the elevator, and out to the tunnel like area.  
There will be a series of battles ahead.  Out of the 5, you can fight 
3.  The Berserker is easily beatable as earlier, and the two Cryohedron 
fights are easy if you can Paradigm cancel.  They're good for CP, which 
you will need.  Oh, and grab the Feymark for Snow.  It's going to be 
his main weapon, and you WILL use Snow for a lot of the last part of 
the game.

You will take another elevator down, and the fight on it is rather 
difficult.  You CAN do it, but it will consume about 10 phoenix downs 
and is only around 600 CP.  So, use a Deceptisol and hide next to the 
console.  Go into the next room, take on the Berserker if you want, and 
then move on to the next series of corridors.  Kill the first pack, 
Deceptisol past the other two, and then move onto the next room with 
two Berserkers.  Kill them if you want, and prepare for the Bahamut 


He hits hard and fast, so you need a Sentinel.  Lightning will be 
playing this role. Obviously, you play the only medic, but Potions are 
faster and more effective.  Put the Doctor's Code on Fang and the 
highest bangle available on Lightning.  Put the next highest one on 

Use a Fortisol and Aegisol before starting


Just paradigm cancel and have at him.  It will only take about 3 
minutes.  Use potions after every Umbral Vice and try to stay on the 
ground as much as possible.  Avoid Whirlwind by switching Paradigms 
often, and the same applies to Ignis/Inferno.

Skip the cutscenes, and WE'RE ON GRAN PULSE!  SUCCESS!

{5} Getting the Hang of Things

The fight with Alexander is a pain, so you NEED to get 21,000 CP.  
Hope having the Sentinel role will be essential.  Also, give Fang 
Cure.  This will help a little bit.

I recommend using Fang/Vanille/Snow


Simple enough.  Most of these enemies are weak to Fire and/or 
Blizzard.  It's just a matter of repeated casting.  The Flans might be 
a bit much, but if you get one fast enough you can get the pair.  
Summoning is a viable option to take out the Dire Flan in the center of 
a field, next to a chest with the Partisan.  You should grab it if you 

Once you have the CP, go and trigger the event.


Alexander hits like a truck and hits often.  At 800 damage a hit, you 
NEED a sentinel.  Otherwise, you're going to die.  Repeatedly.

Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start



Start in 1, blast off one attack round, then switch to 3.  Chuck a 
potion, then switch to 4.  Use another potion after you launch an 
attack chain, then switch back to 1.  Do this as many times as 
necessary, and use 5 if Fang dies JUST before the Gestalt bar hits 

{6} Mission Time!

Note: There are going to be a lot of requests for you to summon.  You 
can regen the TP by fighting the Imps in the lower part of the Archylte 
Steppe.  It takes about 45 minutes, though.

***Mission 1***
Party of Fang/Vanille/Snow


Get a Preemptive strike, and just ATB cancel until you have him.  He's 
weak to 
Thunder, so use that.

***Mission 2***

Party of Hope/Vanille/Snow


Get a Preemptive strike, and then summon.  There are too many to fight 

***Mission 3***
Party of Lightning/Fang/Hope


Get a preemptive strike, and use both shrouds.  You can't beat him in 
one stagger, but the first one will take off over half of his HP.  Put 
Deshell on, heal with potions, and beat him to death. Simple enough.

***Mission 4***

Party of Fang/Whoever/Whoever


Get a preemptive strike and summon.  Bahamut will kill them all.  If, 
by some miracle, one survives, you can get it with whatever you want.  
But do it fast before it summons a buddy.

***Mission 5***

Party of Fang/Hope/Vanille


Use both a Deceptisol and Fortisol before starting.  Your goal is to 
get Deshell to hit within 3 attack rounds.  Then, ATB cancel between 
the other 2.  He dies in the first stagger.

***Mission 6*** 

Party of Fang/Hope/Vanille


Walk in, summon, kill the four midgets, wait until Deshell hits, then 
use 2 and 3 to kill him.  Use potions to heal. It should take only 
about 5 minutes.

***Mission 7***

Party of Fang/Lightning/Hope


Use both shrouds before starting.  They will be a big help.  Wait until 
Lightning puts Deshell on him, then, switch to 3 and ATB cancel between 
it and 4.  Summon when you get too low on health to recover. Take him 
down with a summon.

***Mission 8***

Party of Fang/Lightning/Hope


Start the battle and summon.  This will take out the Flans and leave 
the actual mark down at half health.  Use 1 and 2 to kill him, and 6 to 
heal. Piece of cake.

***Mission 9***

Party of Lightning/???/???


It's a really simple battle.  Just spam debuffs, stagger him, Summon 
Odin, and eventually Zantetsuken him to death.  Takes about 45 seconds.

***Mission 10***

Party of Lightning/???/???


Again, debuffs on, stagger, summon and kill.  Easy.  My battle time was 
1 minute.

***Mission 11***

Party of Lightning/???/???


And, yet again, summon, debuff and then go gestalt.  They will all die.  
Use the O attack to hit them all.

***Mission 12***

Party of Lightning/Fang/Hope


YOU NEED ENTHUNDER.  He's weak to every element, and it more that 
doubles your damage output.

This is the hardest fight yet.  He summons a fist every 90 seconds, and 
then hits you with it in 15.  You need to kill it as soon as it's 
summoned or it will kill you even in Sen/Med/Sen with protect.  You 
will need to Sen/Med/Sen all of his other attacks.  Put Faith/Enthunder 
on as soon as you revive someone.  Keep reinflicting debuffs on him to 
increase the stagger bar, and take him out.  I finished at 5:11, right 
after the shrouds wore off.  Those last 11 seconds he was staggered, 
though, so he didn't get a chance to hit me.

***Mission 13***

Party of Fang/Lightning/Hope


Start in 6, get Faith on Hope and Fang, and switch to 5.  Get Deshell 
on one of the little ones, and then go 1/2 to kill it. Use 3/4 to heal.  
Debuff the next one and then kill it.  Take out the big guy last.

***Mission 14***

Party of Fang/Snow/Hope


Summon as soon as the Sahagins charge Fang.  Use Fire and Flamestrike 
on them to raise the Stagger Bar, and go into Gestalt when the Sahagins 
charge Fang again.  Fly around and use -->+X to do optimum damage.  
Megaflare should kill both frogs and one of the Sahagins, leaving the 
other with around 12,000 Hp.  You can take it out in the obvious 

NOTE: We now have access to Chocobos.  I'm out of gil at this point, 
and I don't have access to Raise.  I had to Chocobo farm for a while to 
get money for Phoenix Downs.  If you don't need to, then don't.

NOTE 2: I don't feel like doing any more missions.  Mission 17 is the 
waypoint near the entrance to the mines, so I'll do that one. 
Otherwise, I'm moving on with the story.  It's just been a long time 
running around on Pulse.

***Mission 17***

Party of Lightning/Fang/Hope


Deceptisol Preemptive strike him.  It helps a bit, but isn't a 
necessity.  After every stagger, he does a huge attack that does about 
1100 damage.  In my game, it killed both Fang and Hope.  I revived them 
and then staggered again, staggered him again, revived them and then 
revived.  Eventually, he died. Faith helps the damage output.

Crystarium Check

Hp: 595
Strength: 72
Magic: 66

With Edged Carbine *
Strength: 155
Magic: 236


Hp: 940
Strength: 122
Magic: 87

With Partisan *
Strength: 153
Magic: 276

With Bladed Lance *
Strength: 252
Magic: 172


Hp: 565
Strength: 64
Magic: 73

With Hawkeye *
Strength: 91
Magic: 266


Hp: 600
Strength: 51
Magic: 57

With Deneb Duellers
Strength: 159
Magic: 306


Hp: 605
Strength: 50
Magic: 67

With Pearlwing Staff *
Strength: 77
Magic: 207


Hp: 1130
Strength: 94
Magic: 70

With Feymark Level 5 (I only use Snow as a Medic)
Strength: 94
Magic: 120


{7} Mah'habara Subterra

Party of Lightning/Fang/Hope


You should be strong enough to kill the packs of robots in your path, 
as well as the Cryohedrons.  Go around the Boxed Phalanx, and WE HAVE 
SUPERCONDUCTORS!  Excellent.  The four bombs up ahead are difficult to 
take out, but the single robot is easy if you get a Preemptive Strike.  
Take out the Rust Puddings ahead, and move on to the main platform.

Don't activate the mission, because we have no way to beat it.  Just 
grab the treasure, and bypass the next Boxed Phalanx thing.  Beat up 
the lame little Rust Pudding, and go down the tunnel.  Grab the Saint's 
Armlet, equip Vanille with the highest Hp bangle you have, and run into 
the center of the open part.  End the cutscene, start the battle and 
select retry.  Now, you can set the Paradigms for Secondary Roles only.


NOTE: I had to upgrade a Diamond Bangle to * level for Vanille to get 
through this fight.  It made things much easier, but you could just 
level up to get the same Hp.

Party of Vanille/Fang


Use both shrouds before starting.  When he is at 139.8% stagger,switch 
to 3.  Use that to survive the attack chains, and use potions to 
supplement Fang's cures.  Switch back to 1 and continue ATB cancelling 
for a while.  From here on out, you'll need to just ATB cancel whenever 
you can for healing and for Chain Guage increasing.  The amount you get 
per Looming Wrath will be random, but I finished with about 280% 
stagger, and about 350 on the doom timer.

Re-equip the main party and head down the tunnel.  Ignore the fighting 
Flans and mechanical thing, then engage the two bombs with the 
Centurion.  Grab the Ice Charm and continue on.  Run past the two 
battles in your path, and skip the Juggernaut.  You can't beat him.  
Run past the next two battles, grab both chests for some spare 
components, and then beat up the Hoplites.  Obviously, skip the next 
battle and watch the cut scene.  Board Atomos and enjoy the awesome 

{8} Sulyya Springs

It's hardly worth mentioning, but there is some stuff to do here.

I love this area.  It just looks so peaceful.  Except for all the 
toads.  Anyway, all of the toad packs can kill you, so don't fight any 
of them.  I triggered the Bismark event so I could reach more of the 
treasure, and just because it looks so darn cool.  You can't beat any 
of the mobs yet, but we'll come back at a later date.  Just make sure 
the ledges go up, as you can't do that later. Grab the 4 chests that 
don't require fighting and then move on.  Pick up all the chests along 
the way and eventually you'll be out of this area.

{9} Taejin's Tower

The first thing we're going to do is Mission 20.   Kill the two wolves 
on the way to the mark, as they give good CP.

***Mission 20***

Pary of Hope/Lightning/Fang


We're using Hope because of Deshellga and Deprotega.  Start the battle 
by casting both, stagger everything and summon.

Rain death on the Goblins with Alexander, and eventually the Gestalt 
will run out.  For me, it killed both the Munchkin, the Munchkin 
Maestro and took off 3/4 of everything else's Hp.  Use 5 and 6 to kill 
everything else off in safety.

Grab the chest in the corner and head up the path.  The two wolves are 
too much, so skip them and head into the tower.  Take out the two 
single wolves, grab the chests, and go up the elevator.

NOTE: My guide for Taejin's Tower is going to be very in-depth, as I'm 
going to unlock Mission 27 and explain what battles you can and can't 
beat.  Also, I'm going to try and avoid using shrouds on the missions.  
If you have extras, feel free to use them and therefore skip the 
buffing step.

Run forward, trigger the cutscene and go through the newly formed hole 
in the wall.  Activate the statue and then run to the right, dodging 
the pack of robots.  Take out the wolf in the tunnel, and then get 
ready to fight the first mission.

***Mission 21***

Snow should have both Fog and Pain by this time. 

Party of Snow/Hope/Fang


Use a Deceptisol for a Preemptive Strike and inflict Fog/Pain.  He 
can't attack, and sits there like the dessert he is named for as you 
hit him.  It takes 3 staggers to kill him, though, so you may need to 
tank for a while as you reapply the debuffs between staggers.  I had no 
deaths with this method.

***Mission 22***

Hey, look!  Another mark vulnerable to Fog and Pain!  And he won't 
summon when under its effects! So, we're going to cripple him. 

Party of Snow/Hope/Fang


Really, you'll only need to use the first two and the last 2, but if 
you want buffs you can get them this way.  Put Fog and Pain on Ambling 
Bellows and then kill of the Cryptos.  Spam daze if you have it, then 
proceed to watch Hope and Fang beat him to death.  It takes about 4:45.

Activate the statue in this room, and run to the next mark.

***Mission 23***

This one isn't vulnerable to Pain and Fog, so we have to kill it the 
normal way.  

Party of Snow/Hope/Fang


You only need to use only 1,2,5 and 6.  And I hope you have a way to 
make Snow have over 2000 Hp.  He does a lightning breath attack which 
took off 2000 of Fang's 2050 Hp.  Fortunately, he'll only have to do 
one of these if you have daze.  Get a Preemptive Strike to start, and 
then take off as much as his Hp as you can spamming Daze and ATB 
canceling.  Then, use 5 and 6 to re-stagger him.  It's not hard, jsut 
heal as needed and again use ATB cancels to speed up the process.

Run out into the hallway, to the left, up the stairs and get to the 
statue.  Go up the elevator, to the left, and up the elevator to the 
fifth floor.  Activate Mission 24, and proceed across the next 5 feet 
to the mark.

***Mission 24***

His henchmen buff him, then he does 1200 damage.  Yeah.  Not fun.  So, 
we're going to summon.

Party of Fang/Hope/Snow


Summon using 1, kill the main mark off, and then use 1 and 2 to finish 
off his henchmen.  You can redo this mission for cash if you want.

Go to the objective elevator, and head up after killing the flying 
things for some more CP.  You're going to need it.  Get Mission 25 to 
activate, and then go to the Vetala.

***Mission 25***

Poison is good.  Cheap, but good.

Party of Lightning/Hope/Fang


Put poison on him, switch to 6 and wait it out.  It's that easy.  
Summon when Fang can't keep up with the damage output.  He'll go down 
in about 4:30.

I hate the next mission.  Activate the stone, go to the mark, and get 3 
TP along the way.

***Mission 26***

I REALLY hate this bat.  And he has 4 henchmen.  Grr.

Party of Fang/Hope/Snow


Start in 1, summon, and kill all of the henchmen.  It'll take the main 
boss down to 50K Hp.  Switch to 5, get shell up on everyone and then go 
back to 1.  Use 3 to block Aeroga and 4 to heal afterwards.  Use 1 and 
2 to kill him.  It's still pretty hard, and a bit luck based.  He can 
decide to just beat you to death and there's nothing you can do about 

Go to the lower floor, activate the statue and the elevator is working!  
Thank goodness.  Go to the sixth floor, run to the next elevator, and 
go to the Apex.


This guy cheats.  He cheats SO MUCH it's not even funny.  You need to 
upgrade some weapons for this fight to even stand a chance.  Give Hope 
a *ed Eagletalon, and Fang a Rhomphala with as many UCRs as you can.  I 
only put in one and it worked.  You can acquire this gil pretty easily 
by getting the 20 treasures for the Ribbon in Chocobo Farming.  Still, 
I got really lucky on my victory.  After the shrouds wear off, you can 
(and will) be killed by Fulminous Firestorm, Aeroga and Foul Utterance.  
I only saw Bonechilling Breaker once in my half a dozen fights, and it 
didn't kill me.  But I guess it could, theoretically.  The response to 
these attacks?  Use Sentinels and hope you survive.  I got lucky and 
survived with under 50 HP after each of these.  You can dodge Foul 
Utterance if you're lucky, but the others will always hit.  I had a 
battle time of 10:03.

Pary of Lightning/Hope/Fang


Start with Aegisol and Fortisol.  And have enough TP for a summon.

Use a Librascope, and then spam Imperil until it sticks.  Switch to 4 
and put Enwater on Hope and Fang.  Switch back to 1 and ATB cancel 
between it and 2.  He'll stagger, and you'll keep hitting him.  If he 
gets off a Fulminous Firestorm, just heal with potions and stay in 1.  
He'll get up when the stagger is almost over, and begin pummeling you 
with tier 1 spell.  You should use potions and let Fang attack.  
Eventually the stagger will end, and the hard part of the battle will 

He's going to use Diluvial Plague soon.  You need to Eidolon Cancel it.  
That way, you'll keep Haste and you can get the stagger bar to full 
before you go into Gestalt mode.  You're not going to kill him with 
Zantetsuken, but you should do as much damage as possible.  Every 
little bit helps, right?  

Now comes the luck based part.  Yeah it seems kind of stupid, but this 
guide is written without excessive chocobo farming or CP farming.  That 
means you have low Hp.  Lightning had 1940 with a *ed Diamond Bangle in 
my game, and was barely surviving the major attacks.  Switch to 3 any 
time you seen the camera zoom in on his head and the text box appear.  
Hope you dodge Foul Utterance, as it does 1800+ damage and inflicts 
debuffs.  Hope that Diluvial Plague kills Hope and Fang, and doesn't 
put Slow on you.  Hope that after Diluvial Plague, he's close to a 
stagger, as in a minute he's going to use Fulminous Firestorm.  And 
with or without the debuffs, that's lethal about 99% of the time. Heal 
with potions and attack with 1/2.  Use 4/5 to give Faith to both Hope 
and Fang, and if the screen isn't green then add a working En- spell.  
Keep inflicting Debuffs, and he'll go down.  My battle time was 10:03.

Activate the statue on top of the tower, go down the elevator is 
activates, and active the statue on floor 7.  This makes the entire 
tower accessible from the central elevator.  Very useful for 
backtracking and necessary for a mission we can't beat yet.  Mission 27 
is now unlocked, as is the ability to quickly repeat Mission 24 for 
cash, but you aren't strong enough to do either.  Just wait.

Ride the chute thing down to the snowy slope, brawl through the Taxims 
and Vampires, and you have reached...

{10} Oerba

I love the music here...

First, active the Mission 28 Cieth Stone.  Then go up and see Bhakti.  
This opens a sidequest, and you're going to do it for some components.  
Fight the Vetala in the house using the same strategy as earlier, and 
then use Alexander to kill the big party in the center of the map.  
Kill the two guys by the treasure sphere, and the one along the way to 
the next Vetala.  He should drop the third part.  Take out the second 
Vetala in the house with the bats, and then go up the stairs to the 
last treasure.  There's no guard on this one.  Keep going, use a 
Deceptisol to kill the 2x Seeker and 2x flying things party, and take 
out the Vetala guarding the Taming Pole.  It might be useful later.  
Go back and fix Bhakti up.  Sell the junk he gives you, and then use it 
for some upgrades.  We're going to make (if you haven't already)

3x Diamond Bangle *
Eagletalon *
Edged Carbine *
Rhomphala *

This should be enough gil.  If not, sell some accessories.  You won't 
need most of them, but save one of the Collector's and Connoisseurs' 
Catalogs.  We're going to go drop hunting for Perfumes later.  Now, 
it's time for a stats check before Barthandelus 2.

Lightning/Hope/Fang (one accessory each, a *ed Diamond Bangle)


Lightning (Sab/Syn/Sen)

Razor Carbine

1990 Hp
321 Strength
582 Magic


Hope (Com/Sen/Sab)


228 Strength
619 Magic

Entrench (grrr)

Fang (Rav/Syn/Med)


2500 Hp

296 Strength
598 Magic


If you're missing a bunch of this, or your Hp is too low, you might not 
be able to get past this battle.  

***Barthandelus 2***

Party of Lightning/Hope/Fang


Use a Fortisol/Aegisol to start, and have 5 Tp.

It's a standard stagger and kill fight.  He cheats, though.  He cheats 
all the time.  Apotosis is a cheap trick that removes all your buffs, 
and the debuffs on him, AND ends his stagger, but doesn't remove the 
debuffs on you.  The first one you summon cancel, and the rest you use 
Elude to try and dodge.  I got lucky and he never hit Lightning with 
it, but that's purely coincidence.  After you are hit with Apotosis, go 
ahead and switch to 4 to at least put up Faith/Protect/Haste/Shell.  
This will keep you alive for much longer.  During the first phase 
(before the summon canceled Apoptosis) you can use 1 and 2 to raise the 
stagger bar, then 5 and 6 right before he staggers to heal up. 
Obviously, use 1 and 2 during the stagger, and just keep healing with 
potions.  He'll probably cheat and end his stagger early with 
Apoptosis, but you summon through it and have Odin help you take off 
another HUGE chunk of his Hp.  Then, just use 5 and 6 to cause as much 
damage as you can, using 3 to survive Destrudo.  If you lose Hope, then 
chuck a Phoenix Down while in 5 or 6, have Fang heal him, then use 4 to 
buff him again.  If he staggers, you can get away with using 1 and 2 
because he'll flinch and not attack when you hit him.  This is risky, 
though.  Eventually, he'll cast Doom.  Summon Odin again and 
Zantetsuken him to death.

Blah blah blah, another cutscene and YAY! The Crystarium expanded!  
Guess you know what that means.  Go back to Taejin's Tower and start 
training again.  You really only need to get through two of the roles, 
but you can do all three if you would like.  The extra Hp and little 
bit of Magic will help immensely against the next boss, who we will be 
killing very slowly.  You can summon through Mission 24 at the 
beginning, but it's not very fast and it takes a while to get the Tp 
back.  If you need the cash or want it, more power to you then.  But I 
didn't bother until I got to where I could kill him without a summon.  
This was about when I maxed the second role.  Ruinga is a huge help 
against the large packs of enemies, so Hope is better than Vanille 
(again).  Sazh, Vanille and Snow are really just sitting around for 
now, so level them up however.  Fang should get Raise ASAP, and then 
she can do whatever.  Lightning should do her Sab role, then Syn then 
Sen.  Hope should get Ruinga and then whatever.  Just make sure you 
don't put points into the wrong roles, or you have to reset.  And that 
can be annoying if you haven't saved in over an hour.  Just words of 

Upgrade wise, the cash you get is used to make Vanille a Tier 2 weapon, 
and a Sorcerer's Mark for Fang as she doesn't need a Diamond Bangle to 
survive.  If you want to get the Sorcerer's Mark up to the next level, 
you can.  But I would save it for Adamantium.  So, get those and we'll 
farm some more later.  Kind of a shame that we have to almost max the 
CP now to survive, but it's safest this way. Theoretically, you can 
beat the first boss back on Pulse with less Hp, but this is the best 
way.  Seriously.  Just do it, and remember that 
NCU is way longer and way more boring.

{11} Back to Cocoon

Just start brawling your way through the next few screens.  You might 
as well grab the Lionheart and gil as you're going.  All of these 
fights are pretty easy; just use a sentinel for the large parties of 
enemies.  The first challenging fight will be the Behemoth King.

***Behemoth King***

Party of Lightning/Hope/Fang


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start

This battle requires a bit of luck.  He heals after hitting half 
health, but you won't need to until then.  Try to put Deshell on him 
after the switch if at all possible.  Use your own judgement to heal.  
It's not hard at all compared to some of the later battles.

Fight the pack of two Orobons, Deceptisol your way past the next two 
packs of enemies, grab the treasure chest, and then kill the 
Amphisbaena.  Remember when they were dangerous?  Yeah.  Time for a 
little revenge.

Anyway, skip the next few battles, use a Deceptisol to fight the 
Proto-Behemoth, and grab the treasure chest.  Then, it's time to prep 
for Proudclad.


Party of Vanille/Hope/Fang


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start, and obviously you need to equip 
Vanille with a Diamond Bangle.

Use the first two for the first 5 minutes, then when the shrouds wear 
off use 3 and 4 to reapply Haste/Protectra/Shellra.  It's not a hard 
fight, but it takes over 11 minutes to complete.

And, we have another long battle to fight now.  It's an Admanchelid.


Party of Lightning/Hope/Fang


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start. 

Start beating him up, then when you need to heal summon.  Raise the 
chain gauge some more, then use Gestalt mode to finish him off.  
Zantetsuken works great for this.

Just start running through the next few stages.  Grab whatever chests 
you can, and recharge your TP as well as you can against the parties 
fighting each other.  Eventually, you'll find a battle you have to 
fight.  And it's much harder than any of those so far.  However, it's 
still not unbeatable.

***Vernal Harvester vs. Tyrant***

Party of Vanille/Hope/Fang


Damage them both at the same time, but finish the Tyrant first.  The 
Vernal Harvester should have about 20,000 Hp left when you get to him, 
and he'll go down without a fight.

Run through the next level until you reach the Admantoise.  Don't get 
either of the treasures so that we can get both later.  Grab the 
treasure chest in the next hallway, then begin the next sequence of 
dodging enemies.  Kill the parties of Sacrifices with Painga and Fogga, 
and then you'll be at the boss fight.  Unfortunately, we have another 
stretch of grinding ahead of us.  Equip Fang with the Collector's 
Catalog that we saved before, and begin.  You need 3 starred adamant 
bangles, 3 *ed Weirdling Glyphs, and set of *ed Canopus AMPs, which is 
going to take aa long time, so make yourself comfortable.  Fight the 
two parties of one sacrifice next to the boss, then start the battle 
with him and retry to make them come back.  Use Snow/Hope/Fang to kill 
them, and everything will go smoothly.

***Proudclad 2***

Party of Snow/Fang/Hope

Snow is equipped with a *ed Soul Blazer and a *ed Adamant Bangle
Fang is equipped with a *ed Rhomphala and a *ed Weirding Glyph
Hope is equipped with a *ed Eagletalon and a *ed Adamant Bangle


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start

This fight is 45 minutes long, so settle in for a while.  He heals 
himself at half Hp, gets more dangerous, and takes more damage.  This 
\means in the first phase, you can just go crazy and kill him as fast 
as possible.  Stagger away, and just wail on him.  Heal if you need to, 
obviously, and he'll enter phase 2 before 5 minutes have passed.  Now 
it gets even more intense.  You will have noticed he has two forms, an 
air form and a ground form.  In the ground form, you need to stay in 6 
at all times.  This is because of Oneric Maelstrom.  This attack does 
2,000 damage without Protect, and he will just keep hitting with Muon 
Blaster after it.  You do not want to die to that, and Fang will help 
heal as well as she can.  If someone dies, wait until the air phase to 
revive them.  Until Fang dies, use Cura to heal, but if she does then 
just Curasa yourself.  Hope dying doesn't matter, but if you die it's 
game over.  In the air form, use 3/4 depending on how much health you 
have to apply Haste/Protect/Faith to everyone.  Then just stay n 5 and 
let Hope and Fang kill him.  This fight will take a while, but is BY 
FAR the hardest fight in the game.  When you finally see that the 
battle is over, pat yourself on the back.  You've earned it.

The next area is The Terresacts.  You don't need any more Gil, and you 
should be at max CP already.  This means we're going to skip the 
Sacrifices in this area, and move on.  You can go back to Pulse now if 
you want, and start working on missions.  I would wait, though, until 
the last level of the Crystarium unlocks.  It just makes things so much 
easier.  There are 4 or 5 more battles we NEED to do, and you should 
skip every optional fight.  You don't really want any of the treasure 
around here, anyway, so run to the objective and just keep moving.

***Bandersnatch and Marmaduke***

Party of Snow/Fang/Hope


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start

This is a 20-minute fight.  Start in 5, hit the small one a few times, 
switch to 1 and then ATB cancel between that and 2.  When he staggers, 
summon.  Use Shiva to kill it off, then work on the larger one.  Use 4 
and 5 to put up Haste/Protect/Shell/Vigilance/Faith on everyone when 
they wear off.  It takes time, but you shouldn't lose.


Party of Fang/Vanille/Hope


Use a Fortisol, Aegisol, and Deceptisol to start

Start in 3, use a Librascope as Hope inflicts Deshell, Stagger him, and 
then use 1/2 to kill it.  If you are having trouble, give Vanille 
and/or Hope a Weirding Glyph.  Have fun with this one, because this is 
easy and short.


Party of Snow/Fang/Lightning


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start

You'll finish this battle before the shrouds wear off, so don't worry 
about having a Synergist in your party.  Just use 1/2 to deal damage, 
and 3/4 to heal your Sentinal.  It's another easy fight.

***Tiamat Eliminator***

Party of Snow/Fang/Hope


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start

He starts out in the air, but after you stagger him he switches.  Do so 
using 1 and 2, using 3 to heal.  When he gets on the ground, use 3 to 
inflict Slow/Deshell/Deprotect/Poison and finally Daze.  Then just sit 
there.  Poison will kill him, he won't get a chance to attack, and you 
can go make a sandwich or something.

{13} The Final Battle

Enter the portal, and you will be teleported to Orphan's Cradle.  
We're at the last three battles of the game, and it's time to set up 
the party.  Make sure you have 5 TP, equip Fang with a Weirding Glyph 
and Sazh/Hope with an Adamant Bangle.

*** Barthandelus 3***

Party of Sazh/Fang/Hope


Use a Fortisol and Aegisol to start.

This is the hardest, closest fight so far.  You MUST be aggressive, or 
else Doom will get you.  He has 3 main attacks, Thatsodonian Laughter 
(which will never kill you, it does percentage based damage), Ultima 
(which does damage randomly, and must be tanked with 6 to avoid death) 
and his laser attack, which hits for about 500 damage.  The first thing 
you need to do is chuck a Librascope, and go through putting up 
Deshell/Imperil/Deprotect/Slow.  Slow is the one you want, but the AI 
won't cast it until Deprotect/Deshell stick.  Give Hope a hand with 
that as needed throughout the fight.  Cura is amazing here, because it 
will keep you alive far better than the auto-heal command.  When 
tanking Ultima, do not use an attack and wait for the blast of lasers 
(4 of them at once) to hit Hope, who will have Provoked him.  This 
helps with survival.  After the first 5 minutes when the shrouds wear 
off, Fang needs to keep Haste, Protectra and Shellra up as much as 
possible.  Haste is the most important, but right before the stagger it 
is good to put the other two up in order to make healing easier.  When 
you see Thatsodonian Laughter, switch into 3.  This will make recovery 
faster.  Eventually, you will see the doom timer.  Don't panic, he 
should be around 300,000 Hp at this time.  Just raise the stagger for a 
while, summon around the 600 mark, and have Brynhildr kill him.  
Gestalt when the bar is full, and let it rip.  And thus ends a 25 
minute, extremely tough fight.

The next fight is EASY, but you need to switch your party around.  
Start the battle, and immediately retry.  Set up Lightning, Sazh and 
Snow all with Adamant Bangles.


Party of Lightning/Sazh/Snow


Orphan is laughably easy.  Poison him, then put up buffs.  Let the AI 
heal you, and use Sen/Med/Med while just waiting.  Or, go ahead and put 
up more debuffs.  Just remember you need to reapply Poison 2-4 times 
throughout the battle.  His most dangerous attack, I'm not joking here, 
is inflicting poison.  If you took my advice and bought 99 Antidotes 
about 15 hours of ago, this is completely harmless.  The only reason 
you could possibly die is a cheap instant death move you should only 
see once or twice.  

Orphan's second form is cheap.  You can only really kill him if you get 
lucky in about 4 different areas.  You need to hit Slow almost 
immediately after every stagger, you need him to NOT target your leader 
with Kaleidoscopic Ray, you need him to roll low on it if he DOES 
target your leader, and you need debuffs other than Deshellga to NOT 
stick so the AI keeps using them.  I'm sorry to say this, but there IS 
no simple trick to it.  Luck plays such a huge factor here that you 
will literally spend DAYS attempting to beat him.  This is THE ONLY 
STRATEGY I COULD FIND that works, and it only does once in a blue moon.  
Here's how to do it for real.

***Orphan 2***

Party of Snow/Fang/Hope


Equip Fang, Snow and Hope with Weirdling glyphs.  Start in 5, put up 
haste on you and Fang, chuck a Librascope, then put it on Hope.  Switch 
between 1 and 2, using 6 to heal.  IF he staggers use 3 and 4 to deal 
damage, but it won't happen often.  And then just do it again.  And 
AGAIN.  It takes 3 staggers to kill this guy, and this is a HUGE pain.  
Good luck.  And once he FINALLY goes down, enjoy the ending.  These 
battles were tough, but get ready for an entirely new level of 
difficulty, when we tackle the missions yet to come.

{14} Contact Information/More to come
If there is anything glaringly wrong with the guide, please put up a 
topic on the message board with "ATTN: Ephemeral_Being" as the title.  
I'll see it, and credit you for the information.  You could also just 
PM me.

I'll get the missions up sooner rather than later.  I just wanted to 
release this once I got done with the main bosses so that other people 
could try it.  I hope everyone who has reached this point has enjoyed 

{15} Legal Information

This guide was written by me, Ephemeral_Being (Nathaniel McConnell), 
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