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Final Fantasy gets 3 more F's: Falls Flat on Facecrowley6254/10
Final Fantasy XIII: Change can be a good thing.ExileNineteen9/10
Destined to be the overlooked gem of the seriesJagon9/10
Dare I Buy the Next Final Fantasy?Priss Asagiri2/10
Heroes don't need a plan - and Square Enix didn't have one eitherslobmeat5/10
Another amazing journey from Square Enix, but perhaps "First Sci-Fi" would have been a better title?Archmonk Iga8/10
Final Fantasy 13 represents a new era for the franchise; One that older fans will find hard to embrace.BigReed8/10
If This Is the Future, They Can Keep ItBloodGod655/10
While doing some things differently than it's many predecessors, it's still an amazing game that fans will love to playDemigod_Tyek8/10
There went fifty hours of my life, it was worth itDrizzy_Drizake8/10
An interesting battle system and great production values dragged down by awful game design.Exodist5/10
FFXIII needs to be a book, not a video game.Flare_Dragon1235/10
The name Final Fantasy used to mean something.German Dragon5/10
One of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. A GREAT addition to the famed series.heimdalgc110/10
I need a herohorror_spooky7/10
Final Fantasy XIII: The Movieicyblue20344/10
Overall, Final Fantasy 13 is a great game with a complex yet rewarding storyline and an awesome battle system.Johnny Mercyside9/10
Did Square really take five years to make this?KillerCrono5997/10
Doesn't win any awards for storytelling, but otherwise superbLegatoBluesommers9/10
Another game, another blockbusterlighty6919/10
Such a departure from FFXII that some will be dissatisfied—but otherwise a superb entryLynnJynh93158/10
A cliche jrpg with some nice twists, but not enough to merit the hype.mixedlion6/10
At times incredible, at times a bit of a mess. But the compelling story and a revolutionary battle system make for a fun, addictive RPG experiencenintendosega8/10
A beautifully developed, sadly misunderstood game...well worth the wait, and definitely a treasure for the 360Rishxab0b9/10
A very streamlined and uncomplicated experience, but a fun game nonetheless.solaris327/10
Final Fantasy XIII has several good ideas, but its horrendous pacing destroys most of their potential.SSpectre5/10
An awesome game, but not for everyoneSwojguy8/10
A Paradigm Shift for single player RPGs: Needs improvementt34b34n4/10
The good, the bad, the ugly, and the first 25 hours of this "game."Tep52b7/10
Square please get off your Enix and come back to usTheClumsyBox3/10
The Adventures of Kobe Bryant & the Transformersthirtyninesteps8/10
Square Enix's flagship fantasy is finally here and it's an ambitious game that tries some new things.Unabomber2568/10
What happens when you try to appease everyone? This game.Unbridled98/10
XIII Is a lucky number, after all.vgplaya899/10
An interesting experiment that ultimately succeedsWolfUrameshi9/10

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