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How do you get the code for the DLC to work?

I've tried putting in the code for Shale but keep getting a message that says the code is invalid.

deathtroop2002 provided additional details:

I checked it again and saw that you have to press Y to redeem the EA code instead of just entering it in like a code for Microsoft.

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jhkeiser answered:

Go to the main menu of dragon age origins go to downloadable content then press y then type in the code
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CromagnumPI answered:

Is this for Xbox 360 or PC?
I'm guessing Xbox and if so then you should be able to go to "downloadable content" from the main menu of the game and enter the code. If that is what you're trying to do then you might also try going to marketplace and "redeeming" the code there. If neither of those are working double-check that you're entering the code correctly (I know I had a code once that I could swear I was entering right and tried 10 times before I realized I had one of the letters wrong.) Other than that not sure, I haven't been home yet to play the game. If I notice anything when I get home I'll repost then.
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CromagnumPI answered:

Good to know and thanks for updating (it probably would have taken me a long time to figure out if you hadn't).
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