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Maximum level?

I see achievements for reaching level 20, but that seems awfully low.
Please don't tell me that's the maximum level you can reach.

Also, could someone explain to me what the levelling is like (they never cover that in reviews...)?

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Kinslayer2040 answered:

Leveling Up Early in the Game *new*

In Ostargar, there is a mission called Tainted Blood. Simply collect the three Vials of Darkspawn Blood but NOT the Grey Warden Treaties. Return to camp and talk to Duncan and report "We have the blood, but not the scrolls." This will exit out of the conversation, but WILL get the experience for the mission. Rinse and repeat until you are at the desired level. It takes very little time to shoot up to lvl 25(cap) if you press X to skip the conversations and speed up the process.
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Lord_Vader91 answered:

The max level you can get to right now is 20.
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Tallera257 answered:

I read a rumor on one of the discussion boards that it is possible to reach level 22 if you complete the entire game (killing everything, completing all sidequests, etc.), as well as ALL the currently-available DLC. However, that is just a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt! I do believe that the "level cap" isn't a hard's based on the fact that there's only a certain amount of XP available in the game. So there is hope that as they add more DLC, the level cap will naturally increase with the additional quests and enemies.

I'm not sure how to answer your "what is the levelling like" question. Early on, I seem to be levelling pretty regularly, but as it takes more and more XP to get to the next level I assume that will slow down somewhat. If you're asking about the mechanics of levelling, each time you reach a new level you will get 3 new attribute points and 1 talent point to put into your character. If you are a rogue you get 1 new skill point every OTHER level; warriors and mages get 1 new skill point every THIRD level. So skill points are definitely the hardest to come by. There are 8 or so different skill trees (which are the same for all character classes), and a bunch of different talent trees (which are unique to each class). Each skill/talent has 4 ranks, so putting 4 points into any one skill/talent tree will max it out. You can only completely max out 2 skills per character with the current level cap (though you will likely have a couple of points left over, especially as a rogue), so choose skills wisely!

All the strategy out there so far seems to indicate that it's better to focus on a couple of skill trees (and 4-5 talent trees) and max them rather than putting 1-2 ranks in a bunch of different skills or talents. I'm sure some of that depends on player preference, but without a doubt, the 4th level of a skill or talent is always much more powerful than the 1st or 2nd. Keep in mind that your other party members (once you get them) have access to the same skill/talent trees as you do (depending on class), so if your main character isn't any good at the herbalism skill, for example, you can cover that skill by including Morrigan in your party, who starts out with 2 out of 4 ranks in herbalism. Whenever you need to make potions, you can just switch to Morrigan and use the skill through her.

At certain points in the game (I won't spoil too much), you have the option to learn class specializations that will add additional talent trees to your character. So don't plan all of your talent points out until you've at least SEEN your specialization(s), because they will use up talent points, too! The game system seems to make it nearly impossible for one character (of any class) to be a decent jack-of-all-trades. For example, a rogue can't max out BOTH archery and dual-weapon fighting; there simply aren't enough talent points. You really have to pick what your character's focus is going to be EARLY on, to make sure you aren't wasting skill/talent points.

This answer is probably way longer than it needed to be, but I hope it answered the original question along the way! :)
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Lvcifer_1 answered:

It also says in the book you get with the game that there isnt a level cap so there is many ways too get alot more exp say you do all the lvlin you can do with the quests and monsters get too lvl 20 then go to orzammer and the blacksmith with the daughter that wants too be a mage .. at least i think its that guy... the item is called the Archivist something buy it and it gives you extra xp per codex you find and at lvl 16 i have 173 thats alot of extra xp so if you can get too lvl 22 as thought in rumor thats probably a factor in the process
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Kayl_669 answered:

Tried doing the blood vial trick but it doesnt seem to work it wont let me repeat it.....
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GuardianShadow answered:

From what I've seen the cap is 25, the blood vial trick did work for me. But you have to remember to NOT get the treaties, only get darkspawn blood vials and then head back to do this. I know this works on the 360 version but not sure if it works for PS3 or PC.
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knatsapooh answered:

Yeah as far as i know there is no cap (ive heard 25 but officially its a soft level cap meaning you keep leveling up until it is impossible to get enough experience to level up further) and i beat the main story doing maybe 85% of the non required quests and not doing any DLC and i am level 22 with half an xp bar in my post game camp so i assume you can at least get to 25 with the exp available in game, but certain things that can get you unlimited xp could likely get higher if it is possible (which it is supposed to be according to bioware)
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knatsapooh answered:

Oh and you get exp (ranging from 5-12 for 1hit kill creatures to maybe 200 for say the high dragon, not 100% sure on that but i know Arl Howe is something like 156 xp and hurlocks are 12 xp) for killing monsters and for completing quests, note that completing quests relevant to the main story gives the most experience out of anything else (btw 20 is not the cap if you didnt get that from my earlier thing as ive reached 22 and 23 is at least possible atm with 25 seeming likely as well and according to bioware there isnt a cap)
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Jota0 answered:

I got 22 with no cheating, just did most of the quests, not that hard.
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daveromine answered:

Deosnt seem to work anymore on the PS3 version.
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Russell1131 answered:

The lvl cap is 25
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Lvcifer_1 answered:

Theres no lvl cap just got too wait for more downloadable content and btw the cheat too get lvl 25 in camp never worked for ps3 onloy xbox that i know of
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knatsapooh answered:

Yeah, just confirmed despite the supposed soft level cap it is currently capped at 25, but that might just be because you aren't supposed to be able to get enough experience then that at this point and they anticipated people finding this kind of glitch.
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