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When fighting uldren, how do I use the litany?

Do I have to press a certain button or something?


nemesis4560 answered:

To use it you have to hold the left trigger and go to the advanced wheel in the actions I believe. It was the bottom option of the wheel for me.
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saxrohmer answered:

Hold the left trigger/L2 down, go to "advanced" and select the litany.

To make sure you don't activate it early, wait until Wynne starts yelling at you to use it and a glowing white aura begins to form around one of the mages.
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Devigon answered:

Or, if you want the templars to join you in the final fight as opposed to the mages, don't use the litany, than agree with everything the main templar says, boom, more xbox points
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Vinnie223 answered:

Exactly what does it do? I use it when she says it but nothing seems to happen at all. Wynne says it like 4 or 5 times and I use right at the moment of her saying it. A better explanation would be great, please and thank you.
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