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How do i free Sten?

What do i need to do to get the Revered Mother to free Sten without threatening her? The options all seem to lead to dead ends.

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kurosowa answered:

I just had leilana or whaever her name is in my party and she stood up for me and there you go.
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Kevin949 answered:

She is in the chantry in that town of Lothering all the way in the back and turn right, you should see two Templars standing guard by her.
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t0905 answered:

You could pick the lock of the cage with leilana...
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fox_demon2k3 answered:

I was a rogue so I just picked the lock. You could also have Leilana pick the lock as she is also a rogue.
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weekendspecial answered:

You can donate money either five ten or thirty silver and she will give you the key also you can lie if your persuade is high enough and if you have leilana in your party and talk to her she will give you the key.
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winstonblues answered:

think you need a point or two in persuade; tell her you will take him back to his people or what if his killing upsets the qunari, she'll release him into your custody. Save beforehand, it can be done without threatening her.
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MephistoVI answered:

Easiest way is to have Leliana in your party when you talk to the Revered Mother as she will convince her to release Sten for you.
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zak_416 answered:

If you have decent stealing, you can lift it off of her.
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leviitas answered:

also if Leliana is with you when you talk to the revered mother, she gains a small ammount of approval
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Ticking_Death answered:

You can either talk to the Revered Mother with Liliana in your party, pick the lock to his cage yourself, or donate some silver to the Chantry. You could also try stealing the key from the Revered Mother, but I find it easier to get him using the other methods.
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