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Help getting past Anvil of the Void Spirits?

Killed the spirits & activate the spirit anvils mult times, but nothing happens... what am I missing? (yea - I know... I'm a newbie)

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chrysmevalesco answered:

Each of the four faces must be hit a total of three times with a bolt from the Spirit Anvils located around the room. These are activated when you kill a couple of the adds that rush in. Sometimes you can hit two of them in a row before they stop working again. Once you've killed a few of the faces, just keep an eye on them. You can see black tears coming out from the eyes that need one more hit, and no activity in the faces you've killed (eyes are dark).

Hope this helps.

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G3cka answered:

What you have to do is conscentrate on on head at a time hit it with the spirit anvil then when it turns hit again repeat this for each head once you get them all itwill collapse and you can continue
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Bunnyhop100 answered:

Easiest way I did this was have my party hold at the entrance to the room, warriors in front. Pull the closest spirit, kill it...that activates the anvil that spirit was protecting....use the anvil and damage the face. The spirits poof, faces rotate, rince and repeat.

I only had to kill each face twice ....once with the glowing eyes, once without. You should see progression in that after you kill a face with dark eyes they no longer spawn spirits on a eventually only 3 spirits spawn, then two, then one.

Doing it this method I only had to kill one spirit per rotation.

I was on normal is possible more damage must be inflicted on higher difficulties requiring more rotations.
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