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Where can I find Duncan's shield for Alistair?

I have already looked in the market warehouse.

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Peavy_FTW answered:

After you save the one Grey Warden from Howe's estate in Denerim during the landsmeet quest, reoric or something, you can go through a few options and he will mention a vault and say he will talk to you later about it, then later after you either broke out of prison, or killed the guards that try apprehend you, you talk to him again at the Arl of Redcliffe's estate (He's located in the same room as the arl.) and ask him about the vault once more, he'll give you the location and the combination to it, then its in the warehouse near the Noble tavern place at the Market District. There's two bookcases in the back, go up to the one on the left and activate it and voila, the shield is in the back I think on a armor stand or in one of the closet thingies.
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xxxxthatguy answered:

It's in a secret room I'm the warehouse. Look at the book cases In the room and if you have the lock combination then it will open for you.
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knatsapooh answered:

After you save the grey warden in Arl Howes estate you can access the grey warden weapon stache, make sure you give him the papers, located in the Arl's room which you pass through on the way to the grey warden, anyways mention if they are his papers then ask about the vault, when you finish the quest talk to him in Arl Redcliffes room in Denerim about where the weapon stache is then go to the warehouse in denerim market, make sure you talked to the grey warden about it otherwise you cannot access the stache i ran into this problem and had to reload! if you didn't mention the papers earlier then you can't get to the weapons, anyways you find the shield as a gift in the stache and then you give it to allister who turns it into a real shield I can't remember how good it is though, just remember you might not be able to access the stache because of what i mentioned earlier so you might have to reload or might not be able to get it if you don't, i couldnt' find anyway to get it without talking to him about the papers in the Arl's estate though.
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