Question from Onasaki

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is Rexel?

I'm doing the Chantry Board, and I'm having trouble finding the quest NPC. His name is Rexel, that's about all I know. I've been through everywhere I could go in Denerim, save for the Deserted Building for the one quest. However, the building is rather difficult to get through. Before I continue getting myself killed 40 times over, I was wondering if anyone has found him elsewhere?

Accepted Answer

From: thy_penalizer 5 years ago

Rexel is in Arl Howe's Dungeon, toward the end a little before you confront the Arl yourself. He is in one of the cells you can only unlock after killing the jailor and taking his key. Make sure you check all cells and rooms in the dungeon since their are other quest related NPC's down there

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