Question from hornekeric

How do I get past landsmeet?

After speaking to the lord and saving the queen, how do I start the landsmeet? Ari only lets me respond to "got to get back to work"?

HameDoO asked for clarification:

U have problem with alienage in map??? its off??? yes???


danjal answered:

I'd guess you're at the point where you have to talk to the queen about how to further assure your "victory" in the landsmeet and after that you have to go to the alienage to procure evidence which might put Loghain in bad daylight.
Should be in your journal though.
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Strifer5000 answered:

Yeah, there are several things you can do during the landsmeet. Be sure to do them, so you can get that experience. You get a good deal of them inside of Arl Howe's estate. Just be sure to free as many prisoners as possible. After you finish your quests, be sure to go back and talk to the queen inside Eamon's estate. Eamon himself will set everything in motion, you just have to meet him at the palace. Once there, you basically get into a debate with Loghain.
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ryuujinn answered:

Speaking of the Landsmeet, is there a way to have things go your way at the meeting? Like getting most of the nobles on your side?
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HarrisMV answered:

After you rescue the queen you need to go talk to her in her room and inform her if you plan on supporting her at the landsmeet or not. Then you head into the alienage to dig up dirt on Loghain.
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