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Is there anyway to decrease the fatigue penalty?

Obviously, you would like to put the best pieces of armor on your guys but is there anyway that the characters eventually grow stronger and get a higher endurance, lowering their fatigue rating?

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BruteForce0G answered:

Other things to try are lowering the number of sustained spells you have running at once as this will also raise your fatigue. Higher tiered special weapons and armor are less of a fatigue as well while offering more damage and protection with a variety of bonuses to certain attributes. You can also try having Wynne cast spells that will increase stamina or in general cause your party to have to fight for a lesser duration. Don't worry about fatigue to much unless your characters are really running out of stamina rather quickly, in which case add more points to will power.
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NinjaRKO answered:

No, I don't think you can lower the fatigue rating, but you can have more fatigue by adding attributes into willpower so you have more stamina.
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pwoody1 answered:

The warrior skill powerful reduces the fatigue penality for wearing armor.
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