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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I keep Zevran in my party?

I'm at the part where I just saved Arl Eamon's life with the ashes and we're in town with all the other rulers. I went into one of the back alleys and was attacked by Zevrans old assassins. He seems to turn against me and I kill him. Is there anyway to avoid or change this so I keep Zevran in my party? I also don't have any earlier saves or auto saves.

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From: Rioanda 5 years ago

When I ran into Zevran's 'buddies' I didn't have him in my party but I had his Approval rate at about 80 and he appeared in the cut scene and aided me in the fight. So just be sure before you go to town that you have his approval at a high point. Also I think your reaction to those you encounter during that event will also determine Zevran's action.

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Unless you have Zevran in your party before you start the event, and have enough gifts to get him to higher approval rating, there's no way to keep him in your party. With high enough approval rating (60+ I believe) he will either abstain from fighting you, or help you fight against the assassin.

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I never could keep zev so i just stopped doing the city side quest and did the main quest.

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