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Dexterity of Strength for a two weapon fighter?

So I lost all my old data and am restarting my DA game.
I was simply wondering what's better for a dual wielding warrior, strength or dexterity?


Lvcifer_1 answered:

I also have a duel wielding warrior elf and hes lvl 16 and tough i just evenly put skills in dex str and con for the first five lvls then dropped some in cunnin for quests but i only have a little higher str for damage purposes but you cant unlock the duel fighting skills with out dex and they need damage ..str.. so i keep my str one point higher than dex and put points on as they seem too be needed but i havent fought the arch demon yet so i dont know if itll work but it seems too work good for now i beat the fake andraste dragon with this guy so he is fairly tough .. not syin you playstyle is like mine either. im not sayin too do this but it works for me. I think it has too do with the weapon you decide too wield with your toon too
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Peavy_FTW answered:

Okay.. I brought up my Dual-Wield warrior. Here's his basic stats, 45 STR, 40 DEX, 15 WILL, 13 MAG, 21 CUNNING, 22 CON. Really, con isn't that important if you're going to have a high Dex since you will rarely be hit to begin with. Just to give you an idea, I ended up being forced to Solo the Archdemon (Thank god I collected so many Health Potions.) because my party members though it would be fun to charge at him. So these stats made him to be pretty good. You don't need to follow exactly as these are, this was actually my first file too, my STR and DEX would prolly be high and with me CON beign lower since I found my self never getting hit.. plus the Dragon Scale Armor made most damage 1 if they did connect. If you're just focusing on Dual-Wield and nothing else.. don't worry about much else aside from STR and DEX. Maybe even lean more towards STR. Hope this helped you decide.
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ajfoster6 answered:

No disrespect to the other two people who answered but, as far as I know, if you are only using dual weapons you have NO NEED to raise dexterity past 36 ( the point at which all talents COULD be available to you). As a personal recommendation, put the majority of the excess points in strength or constitution. It increases your health, and at higher levels, it doesn't matter how long it takes you to kll a boss, you have enough health to withstand it. (particularly if you chose to be a reaver or a beserker)
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Devigon answered:

Ajfoster6 is absolutely correct. Dexterity provides 1 damage per point to ranged weapons, and .5 points of damage to melee. Strength provides 1 point of damage to melee weapons. Dexterity is inferior for a strictly duel wielding dps warrior past the talent max of 36, especially since the best duel wield weapons in the game require str, not dex.
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Sinistercurt answered:

I'm a rogue, so i'm pretty positive this won't help but.. 26 Strength, 51 Dex (upped by my gear, it's like 38 by itself), 25 willpower, 13 magic, 52 cunning, 18 constitution. :D Hope this helps if you ever make a Cunning based rogue.
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Eragon_Bromsson answered:

Well if you have your lethality(?) skill with a rouge you NEED to up your cunning.
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