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Money glitch level glitch?

I saw this thing on the boards that there was a money glitch but it didnt say how to do it or does such a thing excist and i saw a level up glitch where u add atribute points and take em off and u do it over and over again and get super stats idk if that exists to if so can u pls tell me how to do it thnx

KAdamsy asked for clarification:

Doesn't seem to work for me. Does the items expense have anything to do with it at all?

gallain asked for clarification:

I guess I'm just not doing it correctly because I can't get it to work either. just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. By the way, I totally dig the sharing of info. :)

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GoudenDraak answered:

All credit for this glitch goes to sid9095. I'm only posting it here because this way, it's actually understandable (lol, no offense, sid).

1. Enter your inventory screen.
2. Move any two items into your Junk area by pressing the Y button. Make sure one of those items is expensive.
3. Go to a vendor.
4. Highlight the expensive item in your Junk Inventory, as if you were about to sell it.
5. Quickly press the Y button (to sell all junk) followed immeditaly by the A button (to sell) as fast as possible.
6. You should have more gold than you started with. Buyback the items, and repeat the process.

Using this method, it should be simple to get as much gold as you want in a few minutes. Thanks for the tip, sid9095!
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DarkElfX2 answered:

Its all in the timeing you can press them to quickly or slow
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shindevilkage answered:

I happen to know one at lothering. There have a npc want you to make 3 trap for her(must have trap making skill).just go to the shop buy the material and then make and give to her.50 silver per time can do it untill the lothering is destroy. If u need some money at beginning maybe its good to do it. I can have about 150 to 200 gold at half hour but its quit boring i press till fallen asleep hahaha. I m playing xbox360 one dont know if the ps3 will work or not.....
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SDragon85 answered:

Well, damn, yeah i knew about the money glitch deal it lothering, but yeah this whole trick with selling your junk, and pressing "a" literally less than second after, is awesome.........thanks for the tip, its working great, especially if you sell something like the blood dragon plate, or something else that costs alot to sell, u make fast money
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DEKAN5879 answered:

Been going at this for hours,, just cant get it....and im past the point at lothering,,,,,any other GLITCH's further in the game ?????
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wezelboy answered:

There is also the Bella Glitch in Redcliffe village. If you have the Shale DLC kit (but Shale doesn't have to be unlocked) you can tell Lloyd in the tavern to join the militia or die. He'll join, and Bella will take over the store. Everything is free, but golem crystals will replenish if you leave the tavern and come back. Stock up on as many crystals as you can carry, then sell them in party camp. Repeat.
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m_rutten answered:

This is opinionated, but in my view if you go through this trouble to get glitched money you might as well cheat your way towards it, saving you a lot of frustration??

Might be different for console gamers though ;p
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blacwolf15 answered:

Yeah, all you have to do is look for your most expensive item and put it in junk, then go to a vendor and highlight the item. Now you have to push Y (sell all junk) then A(sell item) consecutively (almost at the same time but pushing y first). Then it will think you sold 2 of that item. Buyback the item and repeat. It's the easiest and fastest way to earn money. Also, some of the other money glitches, if done too much can cause game to become corrupt. So this is also the safest way.

You can also do the same thing with "Tomes" but only the ones that add attributes NOT skills (or you won't be able to level up anymore). You need to "Tomes or whatever" (that only adds and attribute) Must be duplicates. Put them in junk. Sell just one. Then, do the same "money glitch" as mentioned above and it will sell 2 of them adding one to the buy back section. Repurchase one and repeat. Getting the timing right makes the game think you sold 2 of them and adds one extra every time. There has been cases where afterwards you'd have like 20 or more tomes and can't use them. If you put them in your junk section and keep one out you can use that one and repeat to have maximum stats of 999. ENJOY!!

Don't cheat the first time though, no fun.
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nobody47 answered:

You level up faster by only getting dark spawn blood and not the treaties then going back to duncan and talking it takes a while but its safe and easy just keep talking to him then go get the treaties.
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Corvenik answered:

Yeah the glitch works u can try to press em simultanously ull get it wrong sometimes but eventually u will get it roght and remake the money u lose for messing up lol
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rabies_delight answered:

I noticed a few people mention the Bell/Redcliffe glitch. DO NOT USE THIS ONE. It can cause a rather nasty corruption of your game file. I did it just a few times to get about 20 gp early in the game. Now even near the end if I even go into the town around five of my save files corrupt and I cannot make new saves after I go to the town. This forced me to abandon a few sidequests including companion related quests. Just a heads up.
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