Question from kari2001

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get back to the party camp?

I've been playing for 22+ hours and have only been to camp once. Is it random or timed? I've been completing the main story line. i did "broken circle" then I got to party camp on my way to to the Redcliff/sacred ashes quest. But when I went ot go to the dwarves, I didn't get into camp. I'd really like to go back there because I have a bunch of enchantments now that I'd like to add to my weapons and haven't found anyone other than that dwarf who camps with me to do it.

Accepted Answer

From: Impactooo 5 years ago

On the world map, there's a square in the upper-right corner, that is your camp and you can go there (almost) anytime.

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