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How Can I get the Helm of Duty?

I have the rest of the Effort stuff, l and I really want that helm. I read that the dog will search for it in the Anvil of the Void, but I'm there, and he refuses tpo do anything. I've tried talking to him and all of the possible responses, and nothing happens. What do I need to do?

Veael asked for clarification:

My dog won't find anything, he just whines and I can't do anything with him.

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Exvelocity answered:

You have to go into the deep roads and tell the dog to look for interesting things. However if your dog has any injuries then he will whimper and wont go searching, heal his injuries and he will go.
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NinjaRKO answered:

I don't exactly know where it is, but I don't think that the dog won't find it for you unless you try to use the "Do you see anything interesting?" response or something like that. Otherwise, you have to find it yourself.
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ryuujinn answered:

I think that it can actually be found in any part of the Deep Roads, since I had my dog find it in two different sections.
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TheWeaveX answered:

Personally, i asked my dog as soon as i entered Caridan's Cross and he found it.
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Shika_Stoner answered:

Yeah just travel to Caradin's Cross with the dog in your party. And ask him if he can find anything interesting. The helmet was the first thing he found for me.
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Shika_Stoner answered:

To be clear Caradin's Cross is in the Deep Roads. You can enter them through Orzimar.
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Fethend answered:

The easiest way is to take the dog with you into Caridin's Cross, as you start your search for Branks, then ask him to if he can find anything interesting. He rather reliably gets it on the frist try. For those who have the dog doing nothing but whining, he has an injury. Cure it, and he'll be fine again. And for all those others, I took the liberty of a playthrough with the dog the whole time to find everything I could. Wasn't too satisfied.

Cousland Castle/Lothering: Piece of Wood (veridium staff), Moist and Slightly Chewed Book (codex entry that references Yusaris), Dirty Pair of Pantaloons (gift), Ball of Yarn (gift), and Slightly Damaged Cake (gift).
Western Brecillian Forest: Deathroot
Lake Calenhad: A book for a codex entry (can't recall which right now)
Caridin's Cross: Duty (really cool looking silverite massive helm, goes with Effort set)
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Samantha_X99 answered:

i have found that once i clear ortan thaig, i then return with the hound and as soon as enter the area (the big double doors), i activate the hound and send him searching. every time i do so he returns with the helm, and have never found it in any other section before. I have also entered the ortan thaig with the hound already in my party, activated him as soon as enter and has the same result. so either way seems to work. i think i even had him search in caridans cross area once, but havent tried any other section in the deep roads yet.
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