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Where can I find Armor of the Legion?

I found the Helm, Gloves and boots of the Legion all in the deep roads but never found the last piece. (assuming there is one.)
I'm Im only askin cause I think that little dwarf dude would look snappy in it.

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Evisus answered:

Sounds like you're missing the main armor itself. This should be in the last part of the Dead Trenches. Right after you meet the crazed dwarf girl, you'll go into a main area with a busted bridge. This room should have the hallway you came from, a locked door that needs a key leading to the (SPOILER) broodmother, and a sanctuary with Restless Dwarf Spirits inside. You want to go in this sanctuary, the only place where the spirits won't attack you untill you get the key at the end of the hall. The rest of the armor should be in there. If you check your map, it'll be the room with the two markers next to each other, one being the alter/shrine of the dead legion.
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Olivahzy answered:

I know that there is one, but I couldn't tell you where to find it. I think I found mine in the deep roads? But its not a 100% certain answer, sorry!
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TheWeaveX answered:

Then you would be missing the armor piece, sorry i can be more specific on where but i know it is in the room where the skeletons are because everything else was darkspawn. It is in one of the sarcophogus's in that room. Hope that helps.
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seph_101 answered:

FYI you can buy the shield from ruck that crazy Dwarf you run into(The male one) assuming you picked the right choices to buy things from him. As for the rest of the pieces they are scattered all over the Deep Roads, I can't remember where there at but all the pieces are down there somewhere.

Caridin's Cross, Ortan Thaig, The Dead Trenches ect ect are all apart of the Deep Roads so happy hunting.
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