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.What are all the endings for human noble?

How do i get them?I am a male want to be king

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StarWarsGreat answered:

If you want to be king, you have to marry Anora and have Alistair kill Loghain. It may be possible to recruit Loghain and then marry Anora, I'm not sure.
The other endings are:
1. Anora rules alone
2. Alistair rules alone
3. As a female Human Noble, you marry Alistair and rule together
4. Alistair and Anora rule together
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tocu1 answered:

If you want to be king then you'll have to marry Anora and get Allistar to kill Loghain for you because she wont marry anyone that kills her father
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xytalyst answered:

I read in another question that it wasn't possible to become queen as a human noble female. Everyone I heard from always said Alistair will dump you no matter what if you choose him for king, and I tend to believe them as I myself played as one and experienced the same thing.
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elbob31 answered:

you cannot marry Alistair as a human female if you spare Loghain. In turn you cannot marry Anora if you personally kill Loghain and she wont marry Alistair if he kills Loghain.
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Sleeperservice8 answered:

The outcomes for human nobles are as follows: Note that for any combination, Alistair or Anora can rule alone (including outcomes where Alistair leaves the party). There are also spoilers here.
Male: Kill Loghain yourself, Alistair and Anora can rule together. Have Alistair kill Loghain, player can marry Anora and become 'king-consort'. Or spare Loghain, Alistair will leave the party to be replaced by Loghain.
Female: You can marry Alistair if you have sufficient (ie. Max) relationship with him, however you MUST kill Loghain or allow Alistair to do so.
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Okamiaku answered:

Have your Dog fight Logaine
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