Question from lolo9090

Asked: 5 years ago

.Can you become king?

If not can u marry anora how?Can u become a king if ur an elf?If i chose alistar to be king and he dies in the end what will happen?

Additional details - 5 years ago

How can u make love with someone twice?like morrigan or leliana

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From: darkbasics 5 years ago

Only if you are human noble and have a high coercion skill. You can persuade to Anora to marry you.

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You can't become King, and as for making love to someone twice, you talk to them at camp, ask them to discuss something private, and then say "Let's go to bed" or whatever...unless you already dumped them...then you're kind of boned on that one.

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You become king consort, not king.

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Can't you be a Dwarf Noble to be a king?

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