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I cant find the Urn Of Sacred Ashes?

I keep wandering in every direction in the ruined temple and the the dragon tunnels u go through i i still cant find the darn thing can anyone help me i need alot of help? i am a mage elf and i am a level nine and i cant find the urn at all please help me guide me through to the urn pleaseee

GamerBuG78 provided additional details:

also i cut like staright through the story right after the Luthering Quest i went straight to Redcliffe and beat the Undead waves killed the demon connor left and went straight to Denerim ask wat happened to Brother Genetivi left to haven killed eirik recived brother genitivi went to the temple unlocked all the doors i walked every inch of that place and i cant find the urn of sacred ashes i have literally cleansed the place of every living thing but me and my party and im confused and i skip like the entire middle part of the story the blight is nowhere close to becoming full did this affect my game play? i am only a level nine elf mage do i have to start a new game?


Daygan7 answered:

Dude right after Lotherng you can go straight to Denerim... Brother Genetivi's house is there go inside there will be this dude in a weylon suit ( Brother Genetivi has A assistant named Weylon however the dude there is not really weylon ) anyway at this point in the game you cant interact with him like your suppose to but if you head towards the back room he will tell you to stay out refuse then kill the fake and take everything from the room the item your looking for is "Genetivi's research" The town of Haven will now be available on your map go there and figure the rest out for yourself and have fun!
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Zasriz answered:

At the end of the wyrm tunnels, you should come to a large cavern with some cultists in it. You can either choose to fight them, or to help them. This leads you outside to the mountainside. On the other side of the mountain is a chamber with several puzzles, after which you'll find the Urn.
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Zasriz answered:

You say that you have cleared the temple; have you entered into the wyrm tunnels yet? Once you enter the temple, you must open the door at the top, then go either left or right and into the wyrm tunnels. Once you are in those tunnels, you should eventually encounter the reaver Kolgrim, which is the next step towards the Urn.
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