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How do i get on the cults side in the urn of sacred ashes?


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Whers the ruins?


Strifer5000 answered:

If I remember correctly, you can only join their side when you meet *Spoiler* Kolgrim at the top of the ruins. Just sound intrigued with their plan and you can be friendly with them.
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pet_art33 answered:

**SPOILER** You will find Kolgrim at the top of the ruins and then you will have to find the Urn in the next cave that you enter. But to befriend Kolgrim *spoiler* you need to have told him that you will put a vial of dragon blood in the Urn. If you do not put the blood in you will have to fight Kolgrim but if you dont put it in *spoiler* you will have to fight the evil, strong Guardian Spirit (i recommend that you fight Kolgrim because he is much easier).
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deadangel179 answered:

To get to the ruins you must get to the city of Haven by following the quest, you will sooner or later have to fight your way to the chantry, there you will fight a man, his name escapes me, take his medallion and rescue Brother Gentavani (i think thats how you spell it). He will then lead you to the ruins and unlock it for you. Now, making your way through the ruins you will eventully make your way into Wyrmling Lair, passing through here you will meet a man named Kolgrim, do not be aggresive or mean to him in anyway, i found him to be a bit touchy, just play along with him untill he tells you to defile the urn of sacred usuing dragon blood (which he gives you), agree to this then exit out to the mountain top, do not fear the dragon should you choose to defile the urn, Kolgrim will quell the dragon and you will be able to proceed into the gauntlet. Once you pass through the gaunlet and get to the urn, take a pinch of the ashes FIRST then defile them (make sure wynee or lelianna is not in ur party at the time, as they will turn on you for choosing this path). Exit out and Kolgrim will be waiting for you, simply do whatever is asked of you to get the achievment for siding with the cult, and to unlock the reaver specialization. Note that when you return to camp lelianna will confront you aobut the urn if you defiled it, simply intimidate her to make sure she stays inparty.
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dioroxx answered:

You tell Kolgrim that you will poison the ashes. If you poison the ashes, Then go back to Kolgrim, then he will teach you to be a Reaver. That (I think) Is how.
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