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How do I solve the elven ritual in the ruins?

I know to plce the filled jug and place it on the alter, pray, take a sip, take the jug and pouriton the alter, butwhen i try this , when i pray the water in the jug boils and becomes empty,and i have vistied
all other tombs plces and this is my last, please help do i have a glich, try many times.

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Ive have tryed other steps too, from this website, have it as a current quest

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Zasrz tryed that same reslut

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I figued it out, i just needed the elven ritual book.

Accepted Answer

thedragonlady answered:

Fill the jug with water. Set it on the altar. Pray. Take a sip from the jug. Take the jug. Return to the pool where you got it from. Empty the jug. You should have a note or book by now that actually tells you what to do...
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Zasriz answered:
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