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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I defeat the BroodMother?

Im playing this on Casual difficulty and I still cannot beat her. I am playing with 1 mage and 3 warriors, by the time she summons her darkspawn im the only one left and i put the best armor and weapons they have on the team mates.

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The way i did it was to ignore all of the other darkspawn and just keep attacking her , but i did have a very high hp level and strong equipment

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I did the opposite. I attacked her, but when the darkspawn started attacking I would kill them and then go after her tentacles. Once most or all of the darkspawn were gone I went after her again. Also, it helps to have a lot of health potions. If you have the equipment and someone with Herbalism, you can create some.

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I hammered on her until she died. When my party got low health I switched to them used a potion the hammered on her some more.

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Dude if ur too low lvl u will fail hella hard... i was lvl 12 when i killed her and on nightmare difficulty
I reccommend training a lil more

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It is a good idea to level up by doing that quest last but there is two safe points to heal with potions one to the left or to the right of her.

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