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Asked: 4 years ago

What to do about Ser Cauthrien?

During the rescuing of Queen Anora, I was able to kill all of the Guards and Ser Cauthrien and then escape after looting everything. Is it better to have done that or should I reload and let them capture me and take me off to Fort Drakon?

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Fort Drakon is needed to be explored by your character in order to get the "Traveler" achievement. Unless you've been there before with a different character than go ahead, if not then it might be worthwhile to go to Fort Drakon.

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I saved right before the encounter. When I killed them my warrior finished the game at level 22. When I was captured I finished the game at level 23. Cauthrien stops you before you enter the landsmeet and you can either kill her and her guards or Intimidate her into backing down.

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