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Who's better: Alistair or Loghain Mac Tir?

I'm at that point where I have to choose if I should keep Alistair or let Loghain join my party and Alistair leaves. Who's better to keep, Alistair or Loghain?


biglittleman12 answered:

When i chose, i chose alistair, but then i remembered that i never used alistair. he kept getting wounded a lot. i'd say loghain
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Iscaredeath answered:

I chose Alistair. You get him at Ostagar and you can shape him however you want. Plus he's a Templar which are really useful when fighting mages. Loghain you have to spare at the Landsmeet and you get him as he is no customizing.
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jessewinn57747 answered:

Alistair is way better he can be a tank and just slaughter darkspawn
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