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Asked: 5 years ago

Where do i find leliana?

Im preety far in but have no idea where to find her can someone tell me?

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Awww dam it all!!!

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From: chrysmevalesco 5 years ago

You meet Leliana in the Tavern of the first town you get to after the battle of Ostagar. Access to this town after you leave it is removed as it is destroyed by the Darkspawn.

As far as I know, if you fail to meet her in the tavern and take her with you, you cannot recruit her past that point as the town is gone.

Sorry to give you bad news.


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She's in the same town as Sten, the one you free or kill thats in the cell, which is the first town you visit that has a chantry post board.

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In the first town you visit after the Battle of Ostagar (beginning) you can enter the tavern and recruit her after confronting the soldiers in the bar (she will even help you with the battle).

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The only time you can recruit her is in Lothering, directly after the battle of Ostagar. Enter Danes Refuge (the tavern) and fight Loghain's soldiers there, I chose to let them live and head back to Loghain with a message, but I don't know if that's necessary to recruit her or not. If you don't get her before leaving Lothering, the town will be destoyed and she will be unattainable.

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