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Asked: 5 years ago

Hooded Couriers Denerim Help?

I've found 1 in the Pearl, and 2 in the back roads and I know there is one in the Alienage but where is the 5th? I thought he was in the market place but I can't seem to find him. Anyone know where to find him?

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It's for "Greasing the Wheels" and you get it from a guy who is next to the Chanters board in Redcliffe Village

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From: Strifer5000 5 years ago

Yes, you are correct, there is 1 in the market district. There is a guard who gives you quests to go to the pearl and noble tavern. Just behind him to the right is your last courier.

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There is one in the north east of the market district

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What quest are they for? I see them all over but I can't interact with them...

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