Question from imprsonedsoul

Asked: 5 years ago

Fazzil's Request?

Plz help??? Ive looked all over to try and find this quest and am unable to can anyone help???

Accepted Answer

From: ShadowD00m 5 years ago

After you call the landsmeet and your trying to find proof on Loghain that he's a bad person, one of your objectives will be to check out the problems in the alienage. You must check the apartments in the back, it'll be there.

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I don't think you can complete that until pretty late in the game, after you've gathered your allies and Arl Eamon calls the Landsmeet.

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"Spoiler" I believe its before you confront Loghain in the quest Landsmeet. Its after you kill the Arl of Denerim, Arl Howe.

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