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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve (Captured!)?

I don't understand. In the quest, me and Alistair are stuck in the cell and after you do all the crap to get there and open the cell, my main person just sits there and I don't know what's wrong or why she won't get up. I tried talking to Alistair and he just says the same thing over and over.

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Have you tried using the door or perhaps talking to the guard who patrols outside.

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I think its some sort of glitch. I got it too. If you open the door with a rogue instead of the key on the Jailor it won't trigger the cutscene that sets them free.

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Sounds like a glitch. I did this with my main, a rogue, who picked the lock and had no problem getting out of the cell. There was a cutscene when I first found myself in the cell but that was the only one I remember.

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