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How do I solve the Fade Quest ?

I was stuck to open some door in the fade quest ,Please help me.


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And where i get all Form???

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You are going to have to explain a bit better what exactly you need help with. If you need help for the entire Fade portion of the game, I suggest you go to the FAQs page for Dragon Age: Origins on this site and read the walkthrough there.

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Look at your map: Area 1 is the first area you're in. Area 2, just south Area 1, is where you meet Niall. Area 3 is south/east of Area 2, Area 4 is due south of area 3, area 5 is right of Areas 3 and 4, Area 6 is west of Area 4, Area 7 is south/west of Area 2, Area 8 is south of Areas 4 and 6, Area 9 is west of Areas 6 and 7 and Area 10 is due south of Area 2. I hope this is helpful.
You must become MOUSE to enter mouse holes, you must become BURNING MAN to cross fire, you must become GOLEM to open Massive doors, and you must become SPIRIT to to open Spirit doors (the white shiney ones) or to collect spirit protected attribute bonuses. Go as far as you can in each section, and if you can't go any further, return to the other areas with any new found forms. To acquire MOUSE form, speak to the mouse in Area 2. Save the Burning Templar in area 3 to get BURNING MAN. Save the cursed Dreamer in Area 4 to get GOLEM, and save the Templar Spirit in Area 7 to get SPIRIT. Hope this helps.

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BobKaare is right, you'll need to go to the FAQ section. I recommend the very first FAQ by noz3r0. He has a very detailed walkthrough on the Fade quest and it's very well done, and has even got all the attribute points that you can get in there.

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