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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
.Are there other job classes? 3
.Can you become king? 4
.How do i beat Arcane Horror? 6
.What are all the endings for human noble? 6
.What is the difference? 4
.Where can i get the token? 4
.Who are all the allies u can get in the game? 3
.Will ur look change if ur a champion? 2
Archdemon help? mage 1
Can you leave to restock before fighting the archdemon? If not, is there a secret to defeating it? 1
Do the enemies get stronger as you level? 1
Flemeths not home? 2
Hey uh....anyone got a good strategy for the archdemon? 4
How can I beat Zathrian in Nature of the Beast? 8
How Can I defeat Flemeth (Dragon) without a Mage? 7
How do I beat (Flemeth)? 13
How do I beat Archdemon? 3
How do I beat back alley? 1
How do I beat Branka and Golems? 4
How do I beat Flemeth? 18
How do I beat Howe? 1
How do I beat Kolgrim? 4
How do I beat Loghain? 1
How do I beat Marjolaine? 2
How do I beat Sloth Demon? 8
How do I beat the archdeamon? 1
How do I beat the archdemon? 3
How do I beat the Bounty Hunters in Orzamar? 4
How do I beat the brood mother? 5
How do I beat The Deep Roads? 3
How do I beat the Demon in the Dirty Hovel? 1
How do I beat the Desire demon during the quest to save Connor using Jowan? 11
How do I beat the spirit versions of my party members in the gauntlet (I'm getting my ASS kicked)? 2
How do I beat Uldred ? 3
How do I beat Uldred? 12
How do I beat Uthkiel in the Fade? 3
How do I beat Witherfang? 4
How do I beat Zathrian? 5
How do I defeat the Sloth Demon? 1
How do I defeat the Spirit Apparatus in the Paragon of Her Time quest? 5
How do I fight the dragon guarding the urn of sacred ashes? 5
How do i get logain to join me? 2
How do I get my Female PC to kill the Archdemon instead of Alistair? 5
How do i kill the risen andraste? 1
How do you kill the Rage Demon? 3
How many diffrent monsters are in the game? 2
How many elite bosses are there? 3
I am in the deep roads and I have to find a dwarf and I am stuck fighting a fat monster and I dont know how to beat it? 3
Multy execution? 1
Revenant - Redcliffe Castle Courtyard ? 12
Revenants? 3
The Fade - Sloth Demon - Freed party members don't join the fight??! 1
What happened to my dwarf merchant? 1
What level do you need to be to beat the urn dragon? 3
Where are all of the dragons? 2
Where is Marjolaine? 3
Why is my charactor fatigue? 1
Zevran hated me all this time? 4

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
A Change in Leadership: a Blackstone Irregulars Quest? 2
After Fort Draken, how do I get my equipment back? 5
After the Archdemon? 1
Alistar Romance? 1
Anyone else have an issue with Wynne's Regret? 1
Arcane warrior quest? 2
Back room of the pearl? 2
Beating the Blood Mage in the Deserted Building? 2
Blood Mage Alternative? 1
Can a woman survive the final battle? (spoilers) 1
Can I leave in the middle of the urn quest? 1
Can I persue romantic plotlines if both people are the same gender? 5
Can i still get traveler achievement? 1
Can I still save Blacksmithy's Daughter? 1
Can some one please help me get through the fade? (in the tower and i'm not a mage) 1
Can you become a Barbarian?? 2
Circle of Magi? 2
Curing Arl Eamon ? 5
Different endings? 3
do you gain XP for completing side quests or just killing monster and that? 3
Does anyone know how to start the quest "A Golem's Memories"? 1
Does it matter i If dont have the stone prisoner DLC? 3
Does Shale join your party at a specific level, or is his level relevant to yours? 1
Earl of Redcliffe quest? 2
Elven Ritual notes near Warewolf lair? 2
Fazzil's Request? 3
Feast Day DLC? 2
Grimoire?!?! 2
Has anyone been able to find the Chasind markers? 5
Help getting past Anvil of the Void Spirits? 3
Hooded Couriers Denerim Help? 2
How can I acquire garnets for the Untracable quest? 2
how can i get back into Lothering? 3
How can i kill 1000 darkspawn? 2
How can I pass the gauntlet bridge puzzle, while going for the sacred ashes? 9
How do I beat Redcliffe Castle (The Fade)? 1
How do I complete the elven Ritual in the Brecilian Forest? 3
How do I duplicate tome's? 2
How do i find the ghost boy to start Elvin Ritual? 1
How Do I Finish The Circle of Magi-Lost in Dreams Sub-Quest? 1
how do I finish the Sign of the Safe Passage? 3
How do I finish Unbound? 4
How do I get Alistair to love me? 3
How do i get alistair to marry arnora? 1
How do I get in the Canthra? 2
How do I get Leliana's side quest? 4
How do I get Sten without intimidating the revered mother? 2
How do I get the "secret" achievement? 4
How do i get the quest "urn of sacred ashes"? 1
How do I get the Templars to side with me instead of the mages in "Broken Circle"? 2
How do i get these chests open? 2
How do i get through the door at the top of the stairs in the ruined temple? 1
How do I get to Alienage? 3
How do I get to Tapsters Bar (Dwarven City) ? 5
How do i get to the lader? 3
How do I keep Wynne? 4
How do I kill owen? 4
How do I kill the dwarven Ambassador in the Trial Of The Crows? 1
How do I obtain a bone necklace thingy to find the evil girl in Orzammar? 1
How do I open the massive doors?? Hurl *not* working :( 1
How do I save Connor? 2
How do I save the arl's family? 4
How do I side with the werewolves in the nature of the beast? 3
How do I Sided with the mages in "Broken Circle"? 2
How do I solve "The Mage's Treasure" (I think this is the one) ? 1
How do I solve (flemeths grimoire)? 5
How do I solve (Jarvia's cartel)? 1
How do I solve (Notice of termination)? 2
How do I solve (paragon shield for noble dwarf)? 3
How do I solve (Sided with werewolves)? 1
How do I solve 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Summoning Circles in the Summoning Sciences in the Circle of the Magi Side Quests?)? 6
How do I solve allistar quest about his dother? 1
How do I solve Anvil of the Void? 1
How do I solve Asunder? 1
How do I solve Fazzils Request? 1
How do I solve Fire Rod Scroll authorization? 4
How do I solve gather the army? 2
How do I solve get a 250 damage hit? 3
How do I solve landsmeet? 1
How do I solve Missing in action? 1
How do i solve one of the quests? 1
How do I solve plate on the floor? 2
How do I solve Scrolls of Bannaster? 1
How do I solve Shales memory? 2
How do I solve sided with the werewolfs? 2
How do I solve sidequest in Lothering, to late? 2
How do I solve the 4th summoing portal puzzle? (broken circle) 2
How do I solve the crosscut drifters? 2
How do I solve the elven ritual in the ruins? 2
How do I solve the Fade? 1
How do I solve The Golem in Honnleath by saving Amalia? 2
How do I solve the Golems of Amgarrack puzzle? 1
How do I solve The Hermit's Guessing Game? 1
How do I solve The Hungry Prisoner in Ostager ? 1
How do I solve the landsmeet? 1
How do I solve the quest that u get in the ruins with the werewolves? 1
How do I solve the quest watchguard of the reaching? 2
How do I solve the raw fade section of the Nightmare? 2
How do I solve the summoning puzzle(Broken Circle)? 3
How do I solve the water altar? 6
How do I solve Trial of Crows? 2
How do I solve watchguard of the reaching? 2
How do i start the quest for duncans shield? 1
How do I unlock Spirit Healer? (w/out buying) 3
How Do I........? 2
How do u solve the quest with cammen the dalish elf? 2
How do you get heavy hitter achievement? 3
How do you get out of human noble castle? 1
How do you side with the mages in the Broken Circle? 1
How many different endings are there? 1
How the F do you get to Witherfang!? 4
How to I become an assassin? 1
I'm Trying To Finish The Game But Cannot,I Cannot Go To The Elves So How Do I,An Second How Do I Finish Shales Quest(s)? 1
I've aligned with the prince and Lord H in Ozamar, how do I break one of the anlignment? 1
In the Cartel's area? 2
Is there a landmark in King's Camp for my dog to piss on? 4
Letters of Condolences? 1
Locked door in the mages tower? 2
Lost Nug Repeat? 1
Need help on the betrayed from with in? 2
Need help with Circle of Magi/Connor demon (question mark?) 2
Notices Of Death? 2
Ozammar finding Branka? 10
Pearl Theesomes? 1
Places of power bug? 3
Places of power locations? 1
Places of power? 2
Post-Archdemon dialog questions? 2
Recruiter achievement? 1
Regarding Oghrens quest, "an old flame"? 2
Return To Wardens keep? 2
Should I kill the Desire demon that possessed Connor? 1
Specializations aren't showing up? 5
The begining quests/ helping or telling on ur friend? 1
Tree's acorn? 1
what do i do with the Metorite ore? 1
What do you do with the Meteorite Metal Ore? 3
What does sten like? 1
What is the list of ingredients for the Exotic Methods Quest? 1
What is the purpose of the fourth summoning spot(Broken Circle)? 3
When do I meet with Oghren? 4
When is last heist in Crime Wave unlocked? 1
Where are the Blood Mages for the "A Last Request" Quest? 1
Where can I find Aneirin for Wynne's Regret companion quest? 3
Where can i find Godwin? 1
Where can I find Rexel in Denerim? 3
Where do I buy flasks from? 3
Where do I find 'Grey Warden Posters" for Trial of Crows? 1
Where do i find bann sighard (tortured noble)? 1
Where do i find gaxkan? 2
Where do i find leliana? 4
Where do i find Shale after i downloaded the DLC? 1
Where do I find the Champion Specialization? 2
Where do I go to spread the ashes to call Gazareth? 1
Where do I turn in the quest "Skin Deep" (from the Chanter board in Denerim)? 3
Where do u find the base in soldiers peak? 2
Where is Deygan? 2
Where is Rexel? 1
Where is the Lady of the Forest?? 2
Where is the missing child? 1
Where is vilhm madon? 2
Where is Zevran? 1
Where the heck is Brian?!? 1
Who are all the companions required for the recruit all people achievement? 4
Who should i chose to be king harrowmont or bhelen? 3
Why can't I unlock Run-Down alley? 1
Why does the 4th summoing portal person dissapear? (broken circle) 4
Wynne never made an appearance? 1

Item Location Help Answers
?What armors i'm missing? 1
A problem with the dupe glitch of tomes ?? 2
After I have killed Connor(the demon), where am I suppose to find the Urn to revive Arl Eamon? 5
Ancient Grey Warden Armor? 2
Andraste's Tears? 2
Any possible way to get back my Juggernaut Armor? 1
Anyone know a good gift giving guide? 2
Are DLC items available in all character games? 1
Are there any Dual Wieldable Axes? 2
Are tomes only for main character? 10
Armor and benefits? 1
Bedroom key use? 2
Best archer armor? 2
Best equipment to equip team members with? 1
Best mage robes that you've found and how to get them? 12
Best sheild in the game? 4
Blood Dragon Armor on multiple characters? 4
Blood Dragon Mass Efect 2 Armor? 2
Blood Dragon Plate? 2
Cailin Armor set keeps saying Red Steel want Dragonbone how? 2
Can I purchase the rest of the blood dragon armour if i cant return to Lothering? 3
Can you share items with party members? 1
Can you still get specialization points? 2
Can't find the DLC ring? 2
Coolest Heavy Armor and where to get? 2
Crossbow help? 1
Darkspawn Sword? 4
Details to Download "The lucky stone"? 1
Difference Between Daggers And Swords? 3
DLC items again? 1
DLC items from achievements?? 1
Do I need a warrior player character to learn reaver from Kolgrim? 1
Does Rune effects stack? 1
Does the grade of certain items change based on how early I get them? 1
Does this armor exist? 2
Dwarf Noble able to regain the Blood Dragon armor? 1
Dwarven noble armor? 2
Effort gloves & boots? 3
Healing skill? 4
health poultices/Lyrium Potions? 1
How Can I get the Helm of Duty? 8
How can I get Wade to craft the third-tier drake-scale armor? 4
How can I unlock Wades second store? 1
How do i assign health to quick battle menu? 1
How do I get my Blood Dragon Armor? 1
How do i heal my injuries ? 3
How do i put the topsider blade together? 1
how do I shapeshift (turn into a mouse)? 1
How do I unlock Reaver? 2
How do I unlock Spirit Healer? 1
How do I use the mana potion thingy? 1
How do you duplicate items? 1
How do you embune weapons with ruin stones? 4
How do you open Chests? 1
How to create health potion in xbox? 1
How to use specializations? 2
I stole a silversmith's key off of Myaja in The Proving, what's it used for? 1
I'm looking for a truely comprehensive list of the gifts and who they each best go to for the XBox 360 version. Help? 1
Is 'The Veshialle' a good rogue weapon? 2
Is the Wedding Ring Important? 1
Is there a item storage in the camp? 3
Is there a point to donating the runes in the Allied Supply Crates? 2
Is there a use for the Wolf Pelts? 2
Is there any actual light armour with pants? 3
Is there any reason not to wear heavier armor as a Rogue? 1
Is there armor better than blood dragon? 6
Just a quick question? 1
King Marics Sword? 1
Location of Winter's Breath (staff)? 1
MeteorMetal=Starmetal? 1
Morrigan quest item? 1
My dlc armors...? 1
One way Reaver? 1
Please help with the juggernaught armor? 1
Problem with the Warden commander set? 2
Sold blood dragon armor how do i get it back? 1
Starfang Question? 1
Starfang? 3
The best way to get health potions? 3
The Blood Dragon Armor? 1
The Dwarf Noble has everything taken before their exile. Can i get them back? (noble clothing and dagger) 1
The Keening Blade? 2
Use of jammer's key? 1
Using Injury Kits? 2
Wade's Emporium, Evon/Felon's Coat? 1
Weapon sets? 1
Were can i find all the pieces of the topsiders blade? thanks 1
What about the rest of the Blood Dragon Armor? 1
What are items like Topaz and Garnet used for? Is it just for selling? 1
What bonus does wearing all of the same set of armour give you? 1
What do i do with the black pearl? 2
What do the Item Set bonuses do and is there a place to view this? 2
What does each tome provide? 1
What is "Rapid Aim"? 2
What is the best armor in the game and how do I aquire it? 6
What is the best place to buy Flasks, Distillation agents and/or Concetrator agents to make potions? 2
What is the best place to sell armor? 4
What is the Best Sword and Where can i find it? NON DLC 4
What is the best weapon for dual wielding Rogues? 2
What is the max item limit? 2
What is the point of keeping Flemeth's grimoire for myself? 1
What lvl do i need to be to...? 1
What weapons I'm missing and were I kan find them? 1
Whats the purpose of the trade manifests? 1
When does Varathorn gain his Tome of Mortal Vessel? 3
Where are the best Rogue gloves? 1
Where can I buy physical technique tomes? 1
Where can I find (all the Effort armor Pieces and Dilligence Armor pieces)? 1
Where can I find (Antivan Boots)? 1
Where can I find (Fade Wall shield)? 1
Where can I find (Felon Coat)? 7
Where can I find (Jugernault Armor)? 2
Where can I find (juggernaught armor)? 2
Where can I find (Lloyd's magic ring)? 1
Where can I find (skeleton key)? 3
Where can I find (Spellweaver Sword for Arcane Warrior)? 1
Where can I find (templar gear)? 4
Where can I find (Thorn of the Dead Gods)? 1
Where can I find (topsider's sword)? 3
Where can I find (Wilhelms magus staff)? 1
Where can I find a Dragonbone Crow Dagger? 1
Where can i find a good staff? 2
Where Can I Find All The Grandmaster Runes? 1
Where can I find Armor of the Legion? 4
Where can I find assassin manual? 2
Where can I find backpack extensions? 6
Where can I find Blood Mage Specialization Tome? 3
Where can I find Ceremonial Armor, Chevelier Armor, and Masive Helms? 2
Where can I find Dillegence and Duty/Effort Armors? 1
Where can I find Duncan's shield for Alistair? 3
Where can I find farsong bow? 1
Where can I find Good / Best Daggers And Runes? 1
Where can I find Grandmaster Halo And Spell Resistance Runes? 1
Where can I find Qunari Sword? 1
Where can I find Stens sword? 2
Where can I find the Ancient Elven Armor? 2
Where can I find the ancient elven boots? 1
Where can I find the codex for DAO on xbox? 1
Where can I find the Diligence armor set? 1
Where can I find the diligence gloves? 1
Where can I find the finger-bone in orzamar? 1
Where can I find the five hooded couriers? 1
Where can I find the items from the noble dwarf? 1
Where can I find the Juggernaut Helm? 3
Where can I find the key for Olaf's chest? 1
Where can I find the key to the altar room in soldiers peak (dlc)? 1
Where can I find the Sword of Forbidden? 2
Where can I find the the tome that unlocks the reaver specialazation? 3
Where can I find the urn of sarcred ashes? 1
Where can I find Topsider's blade ? 1
Where can I find Two-Handed weapons? 10
Where can I find War dog helmets? 1
Where can I go to get runes attached? 1
Where do i find all of the peices to (Topsiders Honor)? 2
Where do I find the rest of the Blood Dragon armor? 1
Where do I use the redcliff vault key? 8
Where exactly in Orzammar is this gold mirror that I can give to Morrigan? 4
Where is dwynn's lockbox? 2
Where is the 'carved elven tablet'? 1
Where to find specializations? 1
Where would I find tome...? 1
Where's the key for locked chest in ostagar? 5
Where/how do i get the Blood Ring? 1
Where/what is the best bow, and arrows? 11
Who can teach me or where can I buy the duelist specialization? 1
Who do I get to make Dragon Scale Armor? 3
who do i give the Free Sea Sextant to? 2
Why cant i unlock special classes? 3
Why do the Item's in the Mage's Tower burn me on the first floor, and when can I collect them? 3
Why dose my gold and silver keep disappearing? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
(SLIGHT SPOILER) What happens if I decide to make Alistair king? 4
*Spoiler* What happens if you don't marry Anora and love Leliana? 1
*Spoiler* What happens to Jowan at the end of the mage's background? 2
About blood mages? 4
About The Black Vials and Revenants ? 2
After the Landsmeet? *Character Spoilers* 1
Becoming king? 3
Behlen or Harrowmant? 1
Can a dwarven noble become king/queen of orzammar? 1
Can anyone help me on dragon age origins i need serious helpppppp ? 1
Can it be prevented??????? *SPOILERS* 2
Can you get all recruits in a single playthrough? (spoilers) 5
Can you save Lothering? 6
Can't Reproduce Choice in Circle Tower? 1
Connor and the Circle of Magi ? *possible spoilers ( not sure) * 2
Dark Ritual help? 1
Do I get Alistar back once he is king? 1
Does the character you create die? 2
Family Relations in DA: and DA:II?! 1
Flemeth, that's it... really? 1
Hopelessly Romantic ? 1
How do I keep Zevran in my party? 3
How do you activate the DLC content? 1
How many endings are there? 1
How much do your choices actually affect the game? 1
I was stuck on the landsmeet mission? 1
If i kill cauthrin, logains knight, in Arl howes...? 1
Is being an Assassin for Master Ignacio bad? 1
Is it possible to romance Wynn? 2
Is there a female to female romance plot? 1
Linear? 1
Lothering? *spoilers* 1
Morrigan and Archdemon? 1
Order of DLC? 1
Question about the sacred ashes and what to do with them? 1
Romancing Leliana? 4
Romancing Zevran while Alistair is hardened? 1
Siding with Bhelan or Harrowment? 1
What about the elf servents daughter? 2
What are all possible endings to the Alistair romance? 8
What happens if I pick Bhelen as the dwarf king? 1
What happens if Morrigan leaves? 3
What happens if you refuse Morrigan's offer? 1
What is 'Inspiration' about? 1
What was the thing that fell out of the sky? 1
What's up Morrigon? 1
When can I access the Orzammar tournament? 1
Which is better, for me to kill Loghain or Alistair? 1
Who is this? *possible spoilers* 4
Will making Alistair King harden him? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
*spoiler* Alister romance question, please help? 1
A "good" reaver? 1
Am i able to change Alistair's specialization if i unlock a new one? 2
Am I boned? 2
Any benefit to donating to NPC's in Camp? 1
Anyone know a good strategy to help keep everyone alive during the attack of the darkspawn at Redcliff? 3
Anyone know what the secret achievement is? 1
Arcane Warrior Combat Type? 2
Are there any good places for leveling up? 3
Balista? 2
Best off hand dagger? 2
Can anyone tell me why, I unlock a specialization then it is lock again!?! 1
Can I respec my characters? 5
Can Oghren tank? 1
Cone of Cold Damage? 1
Creating versatile character? 1
Does a Ranger need will power for summons? 1
Does anyone know any consequences whatsoever for stealing from NPCs? 4
Does everyone gain exp or just the unit that kills it? 1
Does Flamming Sword still work with Flame enchentments? 1
Does it take a certain level to teach arcane warrior? 1
Dwarf? 2
For Arcane Warrior, does Magic = Strength? 2
Getting The Different Endings? 1
Gifts to party members? 1
How can I become a Duelist? 11
How can I get Alistar to teach me to become a templar? 1
How do i become a templar?? 1
How do I get it so revived party members get auras without recasting them? 1
How do I get my party members to follow me? 1
How do i get the golem to open the massive doors? 2
How do I Get To Level 25 Non DLC? 1
How do i get to the romantic stage with morrigan? 2
How do i heal my team mates during battle? 1
How do I make Morrigan's Haste And Cleansing Aura On? 1
How do i use backstab? 1
How do I use issue orders / use tactical slots in the XBOX 360 version? 1
How do you change party members??? 2
How do you defeat all the guards in the Denerim Warehouse? 1
How do you get your characters to switch specializations? 1
How do you switch weapon sets? 1
How do you turn off auto-spend for party members? 1
How high an approval rating do I need to learn other party members specializations? 2
How to be a Ranger? 6
How to get dlc achivements? 1
How to I get to use Blood Magic (spoiler alert)? 2
I can't beat the assassins in a random encounter? 1
Im level 10 but still don`t have any speciality? 4
Is an elf warrior any good? 3
Is going archer worth it compared to dual-wielding rogue? 1
Is in this game, Friends are need to killed the Boss? 2
Is it feasible to play the game without a dedicated healing mage? 6
Is there a way to have all characters follow tactics or do you always have to control 1 manually? 2
Is there anyway to decrease the fatigue penalty? 3
Is there anyway to put attributes and stats in yourself for allies? 1
Is this turnbase fighting or you control the character your self ? 7
Maximum level? 13
Need help in the bracilian forest? 2
Romance achievments? 4
Romancing Zevran? 2
Shapeshifter/blood mage/arcane warrior? 8
should wynne become a Blood Mage or an Arcane Warrior? 1
So who is the better ally werewolves or elves? 11
Specialization for All Eligible Characters? 1
Spell combos anyone? 14
Spellpower Reduction/Fatigue Interpretation in Arcane Warriors? 1
Stealing success message? 3
Stone's Lament achiviment? 3
Warrior dual-weild? 5
Were can i take champion and the last spec for my warior ? 3
What Allies are Best for an Evil Character? 2
What are the best attributes for a warrior? 5
What are the best tactics for a Blood Mage? 1
What is better for defence dex or constitution? 1
What is the best build for a Human Warrior? 2
What is the best class to use for the whole storyline? 4
What is the best next playthrough? 1
What is the best party team for a first playthrough mage? 2
What is the best race in the game? 2
What is the best stat distribution for a blood mage? 1
What is the best strategy for arcane mage weapon types, dual weild vs 2 hand? 4
What is the best strategy for collecting Gold? 5
What is the best strategy for getting the Traveler Achievement? 2
What is the best strategy for leveling up? 1
What is the best strategy for Rouges? 2
What is the best strategy for warrior with indomitable? 1
What is the best team I should use? 2
What is the best way to play as an archer? 4
What is the best weapons for dual wielding warriors? 1
What is the gameplay like??? 1
What party member is better? 3
What spells can you use with or without a sword? 1
Where or how do I advance the rogue class? 2
Which is better for damage, Arcane Warrior or Blood Mage? 4
Who should i have join my group? 1
Who's the best pick for ruler of Fereldan? 1
Will lethality increase my damage? 1

Other Help Answers
(create your own question)Level Cap? 1
(create your own question)Massive doors issue? 1
*SPOILERS* Can i use DLC at the start of the game? 1
250 Damage With Mage? 2
4 Possible Endings? 1
A couple quick questions reguarding PC's. Anyone? 1
A limited amount of gold in-game? 6
Able to backtrack? 1
About sustained talents...? 1
Adventurer Achievement? 1
After you beat the game? 4
Anyone know where my brother went? 3
Arcane Warrior abilities not showing up? 1
Are roles important (ie: tank, damager)? 1
At the end of the game it says that i can still play my DLC but i can not access it ? 1
Avatar Items? 3
Bad content? 2
Bedding Morrigan? 1
Being a rogue, would it be wise to keep Liliana in my party instead of Sten or my Dog? 1
Best class to start with? 18
Blight poisoning? 1
both way Morrigan? 1
Can anyone help my champion glitch? 1
Can I come back later to defeat the High Dragon? 1
Can I get the Bloodmage and/or the Reaver specilizations while being a rogue? 1
Can I go back to Ostragar? 2
Can i have allistar and loghain in my party at the same time? 3
Can i Learn Berseker or Reaver ? 3
Can I like two people at once in Dragon age without them getting upset? 1
Can i make Morrigan love me again? 2
Can i still get Duncan's shield? 1
Can I use classes I unlocked in Awakening in Origins? 1
Can Mage unlock all its specializations in 1 playthrough? 1
Can u get leliana to join u in ur tent if so how and how long does it take? 1
Can you date Leliana again after you break yp with her? 1
Can you do other main quests then going into the fade because I hate the sloth demon and that mission? 1
Can you download the DLC that comes with the game more than once? 2
Can you fight a pride demon throughout the game? 2
Can you have a romance with Alistair ? 2
Can you still go around Fighting if you become queen? 1
Can your shapeshifter forms learn more skills? 1
Champion or reaver? 1
Changing Team? 1
Children turning into cats? 1
Couch Co-op? 2
Deleting Characters? 1
Different classes storie lines? 1
DLC achivments? 1
Do I have to have Morrigan in my party for the final battle if...? (Spoilers) 2
Do I need to pick up Deft Hands? 1
Do inactive party members get experience? 2
Do merchants get a different stock at different times? 1
Do the effects of rally stack? 1
Do we have to download the DLC or does it come on a disc like it should? 21
Do you find Fergus later? 1
Does anyone else think "Dragon Age: Origins" is flawless? 7
Does anyone have the web site for allot of info on this game? 1
Does anyone know if the warden's keep storage chest limit has been fixed? 1
Does anyone know when dragon age awaking is coing out? 1
Does anyone now if shops regenerate their goods? 2
Does Health Regenerate Lilke Mass Effect Or Kortr? 2
Does it matter if i killed wynne? 2
Does stamina-boosting armor affect mana? 1
Does the difficulty level effect the amount of experience gained? 2
Does this game run Co- Op on X- Box Live? 1
Dragon? 6
Dual-weilding finishers? 2
Ending Requirements? 1
Eye color? 2
Finishers/Killing Blows? 3
Greater shade behind the great oak? 1
Has anyone else encountered Tamlen in camp after Sacred Urn quest ? 6
Highest lvl? 1
How bad is the nudity in this game? 6
How can I obtain additional specialization POINTS? 1
How can i tell how much my companions like me? 1
How do I become a champion? 4
How do I become a Reaver? 5
How do i cure cracked skull? 1
How do I free Alistair from sloth demon nightmare? 2
How do i free Sten? 10
How do i gain money faster? 1
How do I get back to the party camp? 1
How do i get in the mage tower? Is it a glitch? 1
How do I get into the hidden room in the warehouse in Denerim? 1
How do i get leliana to fall in love with me and do her sidequest? 2
How do I get the Assassin abilities after I get taught? 2
how do i get the Leliana Love Scene? 1
How do I get the Perfectionist Achievement? (endgame spoilers) 1
How do i get Whynne on my team? 2
How do I get Zevran to fall in love with me? 1
How do i get Zevran to love me? 2
How do i harden a companions personality? 1
How do I know what my percent chance to get a critical is? 1
How do I open the Chantry in Orzammar? 1
How do we become Arcane Mage? 3
How do you become an assassain? 1
How do you enter the Deep Roads? 1
How do you get back into arl howes estate? 1
How do you help Cammen? 2
How do you swap party members when not in camp? 1
HOw do you unlock Rogue Specialities? 1
How Do You Use Herbalism?!?! 2
How is wynne? 1
How kan I get my team to heal themselfs? 1
How Many Caratcers Are There? 1
How many classes are in this game? 1
How many players can play this at once on one Xbox? 2
How or when do you get specializations for your charactor? (Human Noble) 2
How to get a certain ending? (Spoilers) 3
How to get through The Fade? 1
How to improve persuade/intimidate? 1
Human? 2
I beat the game as an elf and know I want to play as a human would the missions be the same? 1
I have to choose a side to put the dragon blood in the ashes or not wich side would be better to choose? 2
I killed the demon in redcliffe, how can i still become a bloodmage? 3
I know they have downloadable codes like the 2 that came with the game. Why hasn't anybody put others on this website? 1
I need help finding peopel to join my party? 2
If I "harden" Leliana's personality will it affect in game events or the ending? 3
If I get this for PC and Mass Effect 2 for X Box can i get blood armor on both? 1
If i use the infinite xp glitch in Ostargar do later characters in my party level up to my level as well? 3
If you do the ultimate sacrifice in origins can you still import your character over to awakening? 1
In the fade second time round and am stuck please help? 1
Infinite xp glitch in ostagar? 1
Is Dragon Age: Origins still good? 1
Is Flaming Weapons worth the 50 mana upkeep? 1
Is it good to stack alot of poisons to ur weapon? 1
Is it only possible to unlock chests with a rogue or can you train a warrior or mage to unlock chests? 4
Is it possible for Harrowmont's reign to go smoothly? 3
Is it possible to change the look of your character during the game? 1
Is it possible to reselect your abilities/talents? 1
Is the quality of a merchant's inventory dependant on your level? 2
Is there a map indicator for active quests? 1
Is there any reason to give jems, money, runes, etc to the allied support crates? 5
Is this a glitch or do i have a very mildly defective disc? 2
Is this a glitch? 1
Is this game online play???? 8
Isn't it the most glitchy game you ever played? 1
Killing darkspawn Achievements? 1
Leliana wont teach me bard? 2
Lenghth of game? 1
Level limited or limitless? 1
Locked Chests in Denerim Market District? 4
Lockpicking? 2
Money glitch level glitch? 11
Morrigan won't teach me to be a shapeshifter? 1
My team won't follow me? 1
Not getting Master Warden and Blight Queller achievements? 1
Odd bar under Alistar? 2
Once I've downloaded the Stone Prisoner, how to I get him in my party? 1
Party Members? 2
Persuasion conning agreson? 2
Playing DLC? 1
Power of Blood? 1
problems with AoE spells? 2
Question about DLC codes? 1
Question about the Ultimate Edition? 1
Random Switches? 1
Recruitable characters? 2
Redcliffe Castle (The Fade) - Missing desire demon dialogue? 1
Redcliffe Fade demon decisions? 2
Relationships? 1
Royal Palace in Orzammar? 2
Sequal/Prequal? 2
Shale DLC Code? 2
Shapeshifter equip stats? 2
Soldier's peak? 1
Specialisation help? 2
Specializations Relocked? 2
Standard Bearer Achievement? 1
Stupid question: How do I heal injuries or revive a character during battle? 1
Superman?! 3
The Mission Creator on 360? 2
Time Limit to Save the King? 3
To get to be able to kill Flemeth do i need to bring Morrigan with me to the mage tower? 1
Two questions, little spoiler? 1
Two-handed weapons? 1
What abilities do the Blood Mage and Spirit Healer have? 1
What are the controls and how do they work in regard to attacking a target? 1
What are the skills you get when you have high enough closeness? 1
What are the stats for helm of the deep from DA journeys? 1
What did I do to offend Wynne? 4
what DLC does the ultimate edition have? 2
What does Alistair like? 1
what does DW mean in dragon age? 2
What does hardening a character do? 1
What happens if I become queen? 1
What happens if you don't get a speciality when you turn level 7? 1
What is it like? 2
What skill? 2
Whats the combat in this game like do we click on skills or do tthe triggers act as sword and sheild?? 9
Whats the easiest way to score with moragon? 1
When do you get your second class like shapeshifting? 2
When does Zevran tell me his last adventure before he came to ferelden? 1
Where are the Class Specializations? 1
Where can i recruit Wynne? 3
Where is Cesar? 1
Where is lelina? 1
Where is the key for the two locked chests in denerim? 2
which DLC have characters you can unlock? 1
Which special events in the game do you receive a bonus talent point? 1
Which would you prefer.Xbox360 or PC? 1
Who Are All the People you can collect for your party? 2
Why am I shedding black flakes? 1
Why arent my characters joining me for the fight against the slot demon? 2
Why can't I get Zevran? 1
Why cant u go to to redcliff or any place like that after u beat the game? 2
Why is there no light or dark side to this game? 2
Will starting a new game overwrite and delete a previous character? 2
Would events continue at Redcliffe if i take a quest detour? (Spoiler Warning For Redcliffe and Circle tower!!) 2
Wynne said that i should make leinlia leave because she said i will have to chose to save my friend or her? 1
Wynne? 2

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