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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
About how much way through am i? Open 4
Anvil of the Void gas room? Open 4
Broken Circle quest gliched me so i cant complete the game? Open 3
Can anyone tell me specific locations of the Tevinter Mages 4 items? Open 2
Can I complete the lands meet and then go and get more allies? Open 2
Cant find Owen? Open 4
Chasind Trail Signs Glitch! Please HELP!?!?!?! Open 2
Dwarf Kings? Open 5
Dwarf noble's son? Open 2
Dwarf origin story? Open 2
How do I beat the mission were i am suppose to find a shelly's memory because that is my only mission? Open 2
How do I complete 'Alistair's Family'? Open 1
How do I complete the Human Noble Backstory? Open 5
How do I find the dwarven candidates? Open 7
How do i free the cat? (Shale DLC) (possible spoilers) Open 2
How do i get (or find) the quest unbound? Open 1
How do i get achievement called "A Time of Wood And Stone"? Open 2
How do I get Bevin to give me the keys to The Green Blade? Open 3
How do I get into the basement at the magi tower? Open 3
How do i get on the cults side in the urn of sacred ashes? Open 4
How do i get out of caridin's cross ? Open 2
How do i get the Mercenary Achievement? Open 3
How do I restart a quest? Is it possible ? Open 3
How do I solve (Captured!)? Open 3
How do I solve (Traitors Crown)? Open 4
How do I solve (Warden scrolls)? Open 2
How do I solve A Lord's Trust: The First Task? Open 1
How do I solve A Paragon of Her Kind? Open 3
How do I solve Bownammar? Open 2
How do I solve Easy Stealing? Open 5
How do I solve entering jarvina's hideout? Open 3
How do I solve of noble birth? Open 1
How do I solve orzamar quest? Open 2
How do I solve the Fade Quest ? Open 3
How do I solve the quest in Orzamar (spoiler) with the human warrior? Open 3
How do I solve The Unscrupulous Merchant sidequest? Open 1
How do I trigger the Taliesin encounter? Open 2
How do i use the litany of andralla? Open 5
How do you complete the achevement Wine, Woman, and Song (10)? Open 2
I've got a few quests that I apparently bombed. Is there a way to reset them? Open 2
Is there any way to beat the game if I refuse Morrigan's last request? Open 3
Lost in the Castle? Open 2
Need help with the battle for redcliff village? Open 3
Ortan Thaig doesn't show on map? Open 3
Paragon of her kind i am stuck and need help? Open 3
Red Haired Servant in Ostagar help? Open 1
stuck in the Fade? Open 2
Stuck on Warden's Keep please help? Open 1
The door in the Tower in the DLC Return to Ostagar? Open 2
The elven ritual isn't working. Is my game broken? Open 2
The great oak? Open 3
The quest guy who opens up Sentinel Keep keeps going in circles, never marks it on my map. Anyone else have this? Open 1
Time limit on Leliana's quest (Landsmeet?) Open 4
Werewolves and Elves: Does choosing the middle class gain me the elf army? Open 3
What consequences, if any, are there when you (spoiler)...? Open 4
what do I do after I kill the traitor ? Open 2
What do i do at the werewolf HQ? Open 2
what do u do after you help Arl Eamon afer u find the Ashes in the hidden temple? Open 3
What does the lever do in bann of west hills estate? Open 1
What if i use the litany and side with the templars? D: Open 1
What is the head in the bag for? Open 3
What is the quest i need to get to kill Flemeth? Open 3
What is with the statues in the Circle of Magi Tower? Open 1
Where are the legs for the asunder quest? Open 1
Where do I find Bann Alfstanna? Open 1
Where do I find Slim Couldry? Open 3
Where do I find the 'torso' for Asunder? Open 2
Where do I find the key for the North and East doors in the ruined temple? Open 2
Where do i find the rest of the nugs? Open 2
Where is Thedas shop? Open 4
Who has beat Arl of Denerims estate and killed Cauthrien? and good Arcane Warrior/party guide Open 3
Item Location Help status answers
Anyone Got DLC return to ostagar? Open 6
Are certain armors always the same tier? Open 1
Are there a use for gems and "other" category items? Open 1
Best Armor? Open 1
Blood armor? Please help Open 1
Can I still get the gift Sten's Sword if I killed Dwyn while preparing Redcliffe Village for battle? Open 3
Can you duplicate items? Open 1
Chevalier's armor??? Open 3
Dalish Elf Origin - How can the big white chest in the Dalish Camp be open? Open 2
Do elemental runes stack? Open 1
Do feastday gifts carry over to Awakening? Open 1
Do more potent poisons deal more dmg? Open 1
Does paralyze runes stack? Open 2
Does the pc Feral Wolf Charm and memory ring code work on the xbox 360 game? Open 2
Dragon Runes? Open 2
Drake scale armor? Open 1
Dwarven merchant's belt? Open 1
Equipping a dual wielding dwarf rogue? Open 1
Helmet trouble? Open 1
How can i done enhancement? Open 2
How can I find Stens sword? Open 4
How can I get my BD Plate Back? Open 4
How can i get or find Commander's Plate Armor? Open 2
How do i craft an item? Open 4
How do I get (Zevran's Earring)? Open 2
How do I get items put back on my radial thingy? Open 1
how do i unlock the tranquils box in Ostagar? Open 2
how do I use runes? Open 1
How do you beomce a templar? Open 3
How do you control the corpse when using animate dead(xbox 360)? Open 1
How soon can I buy a battleaxe (two handed)? Open 1
How to equip templar armor? Open 1
I have seen in the game a longsword hav can i get it? Open 1
I know this is about the millionth topic about this but Blood Dragon Armor? Open 3
I need to find a backpack can anyone help? Open 2
I removed the general heal with appropriate potion from my casting bar, anyone know how to get it back? I'm on Xbox 360 Open 1
Is the "Bad Luck Charm" good for anything? Open 1
Is the warden commander Armour bugged visually? Open 1
Is there a wardens shield? Open 4
Is there an actual Katana? Open 5
Last piece of the Ancient Elven Armor? Open 1
Leliana's Pet Nug Doesn't Work. What do I do? Open 1
Marjolaine's Recurve Bow? Open 1
Morrigan's Ring glitch? Open 2
Nuggs locations? Open 6
Ranger manual? Open 2
Redcliffe Blacksmith's Hidden Trapdoor? Open 2
Sack of body parts? Open 3
Should I keep the different types of stones I find? Open 3
Some of my dlc seems to be missing? Open 2
Stens sword? Open 5
Suggestions for an SS warrior? Open 2
The armor that the grey warden is wearing in the previews? Open 3
The weapons i'm using disapear, glitch? Open 1
Tome help? Open 4
Tome of Arcane Technique Not Working? Open 3
Trouble after using Tome of Physical Technique? Open 1
Upgrading unique equipment ? Open 1
Warden armor from the trailers? Open 2
Warden Commanders Armor? Open 3
What are blank vellums used for? Open 2
What are the Secret Achievements? Open 3
What armor is the Militia man wearing at Redcliffe? Open 1
What can I do with Topsider's hilt and pommel? Open 3
What is Armour set is better (Blood Dragon Armor Set or Juggernaut Armor Set)? Open 1
What is the best warrior weapon and shield? Open 2
What items increase strength? Open 3
What level do you have to be to wear the blood armor? Open 8
What sword and shield does the Warden have on the front cover? Open 1
When fighting uldren, how do I use the litany? Open 4
When is the first time i can get the mabari(the dog) if im an Elf? Open 2
Where can I buy (injury kits)? Open 2
Where can I find ( buy skill manuels)? Open 1
Where can I find (Any DLC Staves)? Open 1
Where can I find (Armor of The River Dane)? Open 3
Where can I find (blood dragon armour)? Open 4
Where can I find (Boots of Diligence)? Open 2
Where can I find (cute nug)? Open 2
Where can I find (Dawn ring)? Open 1
Where can I find (Far Song)? Open 1
Where can I find (Griffion Aromor)? Open 2
Where can I find (Key to the City)? Open 1
Where can I find (Robe of the witch)? Open 1
Where can I find (Tome of Mortal Vessel)? Open 3
Where can I find (Tome of the Mortal Vessel)? Open 1
Where can I find a good bow to use? Open 6
Where can I find a good set of medium or heavy armour and a good 2 handed sword? Open 3
Where can I find all the pieces of the Ceremonial Armor? (PLEASE HELP!) Open 6
Where can I find an Heavy Infantry Helment? Open 2
Where can I find blightblood? Open 4
Where can I find blue suede boots for Lilliana? Open 1
Where can i find brilliant lvl crystals (small and large) for Shale? Open 1
Where can I find Dalish gloves ? Open 1
Where can I find elfroot? Open 3
Where can I find good armor for a warrior? Open 1
Where can I find juggernaugt body? Open 2
Where can I find King Mariks blade? Open 4
Where can I find limbs in a bag? Open 1
Where can I find some good rogue armor and should a rogue have good str or cunning? Open 4
Where can I find specialization points for allies? Open 3
Where can I find the 1H sword in the Soldiers Peak quest? Open 1
Where can I find The best armor in the game for a warrior? Open 2
Where can I find the corrupted magister's staff? Open 1
Where can I find the DLC stuff?? Open 4
Where can I find the griffons beak? Open 1
Where can I find the last peice of (juggernaught armor)? Open 2
Where can I find the love letters? Open 1
Where can I find the thorns of the old gods? Open 1
Where can I find Warden Tower Shield? Open 1
where can i get the specilization Blood Mage? Open 2
Where Can I Obtain Shaperate's Blessing? Open 2
Where do i find Cailin's armor? Open 2
Where we can have the material for the enchantment? Open 1
Wheres the juggernaut armor? Open 1
Why can i not find the Meteorite Metal Ore? Open 3
Plot/Storyline Help status answers
About Alistar in the ending? Open 1
Achievement ? Open 4
All the people you can get in the game? Open 3
At what point in the game does it become unavaliable to revisit previously explored locations? Open 1
Best/Good/Paragon Ending, Help!!!? Open 1
Better Ending? Open 1
Can I defile the Ashes and still kill the dragon? Open 2
Can I do all quests, or is there limited time? Open 2
Can I replay with the same character? Open 1
Can I rommance G-heyna? Open 2
Can you become king without being a human noble? Open 1
Can you get Isabella to join? Open 3
Can you marry Alistair even though you haven't made him king, or does he have to be king in order for me to marry him? Open 1
Can you Romance when you are a Dwarf? Open 1
Complete List of Acheivements? (PC) *Minor spoilers?* Open 0
Dark Ritual? Open 1
Does Alistair get mad when you make him king? Open 1
Does the order you do the Blight Quests in effect anything? Open 5
How do I find a happy medium with Witherfang and Zathrian? Open 1
How do I NOT make Alistair mad at becoming King? Open 1
How do you get past the guards to enter the deep roads? Open 1
How do you imprison Anora? Open 1
How does allistair become king? Open 2
I can't find my way through carrigans crossing. Help? Open 2
If all the mages died in the circle of magi. Can i still help the kid at redcliff? Open 6
If i pour the dragon blood in the ern of sacread ashes can i still save eamon? Open 1
If your a good guy in the human origin can you still have Morrigan as a love interest? Open 3
Is there another way to harden Alistair? Open 1
Recruiting Werewolves? Open 2
Redcliffe castle mages help? Open 2
Romance Options: Do party members get jealous? Open 2
Shapeshifter+Arcane Warrior? Open 3
Side-Quests? Open 1
Talking to Oghren...? Open 3
Trouble activating Alistair's side quest? Open 4
What are all possible endings to the Alistair romance? Open 7
What are all the extra romance options? Open 2
What does a baserker and reaver do? Open 1
What ever happened to the elf quest wife? Open 1
What to do about Ser Cauthrien? Open 2
When do you unlock berserker? Open 3
When you marry Alistair do you become Queen, or Queen's consort? Open 1
Which path to take in Orzammar? Open 1
Why did not the (Sacreligious achievement) happen? Open 3
Why does Wynne approve of my defiling the elf? Open 2
Zev/Alistair--too late to turn back? Open 1
Strategy/Tactics Hel status answers
Alistair? Open 3
Auto Attack not working in Dragon Age: Origins? Open 4
Best way to use jump to tactic? Open 2
Can you have 2 rangers in the party and have both thier summons? Open 1
DA difficulty help? Open 1
Dexterity of Strength for a two weapon fighter? Open 6
Does Cleansing Aura stack? Open 3
DPS warrior? Open 2
How can i get my companions to learn a specialization? Open 5
How can I get the champion and reaver specializations? Open 5
How do I advance my human warrior after reaching lvl 7? Open 4
How do i build a strong party? Open 1
How do i contact someone to give them a good tip to add to a walkthrough? click to see tip Open 1
How do i have my party attack one target? To survive Soldier's peak second floor Open 2
How do i hit a 250 in a single hit? Open 1
How do i switch my party rooster around ? Open 1
How do you change the camera from 3rd person to overhead? Open 1
How much cunning? Open 3
How to get party members to stay away from enemies? Open 1
How to switch over to Arcain Warrior? Open 2
How/Where do I unlock all of he Mage specializations? i cant find any... Open 3
Is a dual wielding/archer rogue viable? Open 1
Is an offhand weapon swinging faster? Open 1
Is it possiable to get Wynne and side with the templars? Open 1
Is it smart to make morrigan a arcane warrior? Open 1
Is there a limit on "% Chance to Dodge Attacks"? Open 1
Morrigan glitch? Open 2
My party around Redcliffe? Open 1
Percentage of World explored before landsmeet? Open 2
Revive spell question? Open 1
Rouge playthrough ? Open 2
Starting a new and need help!!!!???? Open 2
Sten or Oghren? Open 6
suppose its a Auto-Attack problem?... Open 3
Talents? Open 1
What are the different specs and skills associated with them? Open 2
What do you think is the best ability for a sword shield warrior? Open 3
What i must do if i want to be a two handed weapon Warior? Open 1
What if I don't kill Flemeth? Open 2
What is the best second specialization/build for morrigan (utilization of shapeshifting) please include tactics? Open 1
What is the best strategy for beating the Arcane Horror in Dragon Age Origins? Open 3
What is the best strategy for Rouge Lvl 25? Open 1
What is the best strategy for warriors and rogues? Open 2
What should I have on as a rogue for sustained abilities? Open 1
What store can you buy the ranger specilization book in? Open 2
Whats best for an Arcane Warrior ? Open 1
When should I use Nature/Spirit Damage/Resistance? Open 1
Which four characters should I use if im a dwarf rogue?? Open 2
Which is the best tank weapon, dragonbone cleaver(witch hunt dlc) or starfang greatsword(Warden keep dlc)? Open 1
Who's better: Alistair or Loghain Mac Tir? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
2 different issues. Anyone else? Open 4
Achievements unavailable? Open 1
After I defeat the Sloth demon my xbox freezes trying to load? Open 2
Anyone else having a major lag time for battles? Open 1
Can me and 2 buddies play on the same xbox at the same time??? Open 2
Caught in a loop in Orzammar? Open 1
char import problems DA-Awakenings help? Open 1
Collectors ediiton and dlc issues? Open 3
Does it load for like 4-5 seconds everytime you are about to start a conversation?xbox 360 Open 2
Dragon age Sever dose not show in main menu? Open 2
Due to recent patch or another glitch?.... Open 2
For the Ultimate Edition, is internet required? Open 1
Gamer profile cannot be found ? Open 1
Glitched? Open 2
Having trouble becoming a duelist? Open 1
How do I run Awakenings on Xbox 360? Open 1
I can't get to the CAMP,where is it?please help Open 3
I have problems whit the specialization ranger can anywone help? Open 1
Leaving current quests to start new ones? Open 1
Main menu not functioning? Open 1
My money keeps disappearing and returning back to 0 when i collect or sell items, any idea how to fix this? Open 1
Normal Freezing Issue? Open 1
Quest line, Dwarf place.? Open 1
What am i doing wrong? Open 1
What is different between 360/PS3? Open 2
WHy can I not play my DLC offline? (Please help) Open 1
Why can't I connect to the dragon age servers? Open 2
Why do i lose my specializations when i go to the xbox dashboard and then return to the game? Open 1
Why does Rally keep turning off when I zone? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me i have Corrupted Files after i save? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me my gamer profile is unavailable? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me that it can't load? Open 2
Why does the icon on the map is gone ? Open 2
Why is the game telling me unable to load area after the landsmeet? Open 1
Wynne had 12 tactic slots, now they disappeared???? Open 2
Other Help status answers
(Can I Leave Post - Coronation?) Open 1
3rd Specialization? Open 3
A question about race?(not the player chosen races) Open 2
Alistair's Survival? Open 1
Alistar made me a templar but i didnt get the this a bug? Open 1
Already asked but now cant find my question - Developer console? Open 1
Anyone have blood dragon armor, will trade collectors edition for it? Open 2
Are the in game menus and text easily readable on an SD TV? Open 2
Are there only 2 achievements for the different endings? Open 3
Arl of Denerim Estate? Open 1
Armour? Open 2
Bann Teagen wouldnt give me helmet? Open 1
Best class for soloing? Open 5
Best class to start with? Open 15
Better Armor and Weapons? Open 1
Building a Arcane Warrior?? Open 1
Buy the DLC now (all of them) or first create a new game? Open 1
Camp merchant (glitch)? Open 1
Can I re-recuirt party members? Open 2
Can i still get sten? Open 2
Can I use the expansion disc for the ultimate edition on 2 consoles? Open 1
Can members of my party get the permanant stat upgrades in The Fade. Eg. Essence of dexterity, font of strength, etc? Open 1
Can someone explain the structure of the dialog choices? Open 1
Can u get a dog if u killed the one in ostagar ? Open 1
Can u get the amor on the front cover were it shows the woman and the the guy over the dragon? Open 3
Can you become Queen???? Open 2
Can you change the enchantments or add more to the soldiers weapons in the Final battle scene in Denerim? Open 1
Can you enchant a bow? Please Answer Quickly! Open 1
can you have sex with Liliana as a girl? Open 3
Can you save more than one game at a time? Open 1
Character developement? Open 1
Character origins? Open 2
Did I miss my chance to specialize my Warrior? Open 1
Do abilities/specializations unlocked in awakening work in origins? Open 1
Do i have to stay connected to xbox live to continue playing a DLC saved game? Open 1
Do merchants get a different stock at different times? Open 1
Do you create your own character? Open 2
Do you HAVE to be a female human to marry Alistair? Open 1
Does it matter which hand I use? Open 2
Does letting the mage, Avernus, live (Warden's Keep) Benefit you in any way? Open 2
Does the collectors edition come with the Wardens Keep? Open 3
Does this game really have better looking textures on the PS3? Open 6
Dragon Age Origins Specializations? Open 2
During the whole game are you always in your original armor during cutscenes? Open 2
Effort and Dilgedge? Open 1
Enemy Respawn? Open 2
Exclusive or Pre-Order Content Download bonus goodies? Open 2
Fire runes? Open 1
Flaming eyes? Open 3
Free Roam? Open 1
Game of the Year Editon? Open 1
Game version? Open 1
Gameplay? Open 3
Gift Giving? Open 2
Give a point? Open 1
Glitch? Open 1
Harrowmont or Bhelen? Open 2
Heavy hitter? Open 1
Help for leliana's love scene? Open 1
Help with lelianna relationship? Open 1
How can I experience the thrill of romance with Leliana and Morrigan in the same game (character)? Open 3
How can I sleep with Lilliana ? Open 1
How do I become king? Open 2
How do I break up with Morrigan? Open 1
How do I find Leliana? Open 2
How do I find the golem form ability? Open 1
How do I get my DLC items in the game? Open 1
How do I get the "Recruiter" achievement? Open 2
How do i get the 1000 darkspawn kills achievement? Open 2
how do I get the arcane warrior specialization?? Open 1
How do i get the ending to end with my female PC and Alistar to be together at the end?? Open 2
How do I give gifts? Open 1
How do i keep every single character in the game? Open 3
How do I make more money? Open 3
How do I use herbology? Open 1
How do you get rid of negative effects on your characters? Open 3
How do you get the achievement In War, Victory? Open 1
How Do you Romance? Open 1
How is experience distributed? Open 3
How many attribute increases are there? Open 1
How many dragons are there in the game total? Open 2
How many drake scales? Open 1
How many playable characters are there? Open 1
How much does the Stone Prisoner dlc cost? Open 1
How to deal killing moves? Open 1
How to get the hound? Open 2
How to make the trailer warden? Open 1
I Am stuck in Witherfangs Lair , How do i get out? Open 1
I can't ''OBSERVE'' book ? Open 1
I can't get into the Werewolf Lair. Help? Open 1
I have a pre owned copy is there any way i can get the blood dr armor and the stone prisoner? Open 4
I just saw my Human Noble Warrior take his longsword and cut someones head off. How? Open 1
I killd him!!! Now what? Open 2
I know i have asked this befor if i kill the demon taken the templar do i have to fight the sloth demon? Open 2
I need mini map help in the form of a legend for it please? Open 1
I There a Glicth/way to lower Leliana's approval? Open 2
I'm not sure why my multi-damage-type staff isn't counting all my damage bonuses? Open 1
If i use tomes to level up my characters stats, will it mess me up later? Open 2
In Denerim, two named charachters that seem to have no use... or do they? Open 1
Inconsistent Warrior Talent Tree with Dog? Open 3
Is anybody else having problems with the game freezing? Open 1
Is it possible to 100% Dragonage, without DLC? Open 1
Is it possible to dupe tomes? Open 3
Is it possible to get Duncans armor? Open 1
Is it possible to get people back that you send away? Open 1
Is it possible to keep Shale after agreeing with Blanka with the Anvil of the Void? (DLC, Spoiler) Open 1
Is Morrigan using me? Open 4
Is there a benifit to low approval? Open 3
Is there a way to pause gameplay without opening the radial menu (LT)? Open 5
Is There anyway to save tamlen? Open 1
Is this game real time? Open 1
Isabela is gone and cant unlock duelist possible glitch? Open 2
It's about something I read in the walkthrough? Open 1
Landmarks!? Open 1
Leliana romance glitch? Open 1
Leliana? Open 1
Level 20 is max level? Open 2
List of Dialogue Options??? Open 1
Master Warden Achievement?? Open 4
Maxed stats? Open 1
Morrigan Help? Open 1
Moving save files? Open 1
Multi Lover Type - Can I be in Love with more than a chick at the same time ? Open 1
Multiple save slots? Open 1
My Arcane warrior hardly ever hits with a melee weapon?? Open 2
New game plus? Open 2
Place to store equipment? Open 5
Question regarding the Perfectionist Achievement? Open 1
Relationship help? Open 2
Return to Ostagar (DLC)? Open 2
Return to ostigar? Open 4
Rogue or Warrior? Open 3
Romance Help? Open 6
Same Playthrough Romance Achievments? Open 3
Shapeshifer strength? Open 2
Shepard?? Open 2
Should I get this game? Open 6
Skill/Talent/Spell points? Open 1
Song during end credits? Open 1
Specialization help? Open 2
Specializations dont unlock? Open 1
Specializations? Open 3
The Blood Dragon armor isnt in my inventory or in my camp? Open 1
To harden or nto to harden? that is the question Open 1
Tree Stump at Mad Hermit Clearing ? Open 1
Unable to read disc? Open 3
Warden's Keep glitch? Open 1
Wat is better for dual dagger rogues, dex or cunning? Open 2
Ways to get approval from other party members? Open 2
Werewolf? Open 2
What are the eyes colours? Open 1
What armor set is Sammael the Deserter wearing? Open 3
What do i do if i cant get in Mage Tower at all? Open 1
What do i do with the scrolls of banister? Open 1
What do you think......will Morrigan appear or be mentioned in the furture Dragon Age Games? Open 1
What does "Timed out of your DLC content" mean? what to do? Open 1
What does Alistair like? Open 1
What gives? Open 1
what i have to do to make sex with Alistar and with Leliana? Open 4
What is a good spell and stat build for arcane warrior? Open 1
What is better Mass Effect or Dragon Age? Open 5
What is Mabari Dominance? Open 2
What is on my character? Open 1
What is one soverign? Open 2
What is the best equipment layout for a bloodmage/ spirithealer? Open 1
What type of Darkspawn Enemies you face? Open 1
What's the best choices to start? Open 1
Whats the highest ur attributes can go before they stop?????? Open 2
Where are all the Revenants? Open 1
Where can I find Meteorite Metal Ore? Open 3
Where did Morigan go? Open 1
Where does shale go????.................. Open 3
Where is Orzammar? Open 2
where is the party camp?how can I get there? Open 2
Where is this new DLC that was supposed to come out during the holiday season? Open 3
Where is Wardens keep? Open 4
Where is Wynne? Open 1
Where to find Wynne after she asked to join?? Open 1
Which is better Mass Effect or Dragon Age? Open 4
Which Warrior/Rogue abilities can hit critically? Open 1
Why can't I use a tome on Zevran!!? Open 2
Why do I have ash falling off me? Open 1
Why do my specializations in Origins reset after I have played Awakening? Open 1
Will there be second dragon age? Open 2
Wondering? Open 1
Would I be disappointed if...? Open 3

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