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100 notes on Mad Monster Mansion?

I might have the name of the level wrong, but you know what I mean, anyway, I'm four notes short, and I've read the note guide, and I've gone through the level several times and I still can't find the missing notes, and I've beaten the game 100% on the N64, but for some reason I can't find the last four notes, and I could've sworn all of the notes on the guide are all notes I've collected but I could be wrong. I guess all in all my question here is if anyone else has the same problem and if anyone knows how to fix said problem?

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Are you serious? Those are the exact notes that I didn't think I picked up, is there no way to fix this?

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master_chief_15 answered:

No, there is no known way to fix the gamebreaking glitch, I'm sorry

You'll have to restart
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master_chief_15 answered:

Did you do Bottle's puzzle before you completed this world?

If you did, the Banjo you saw take the four notes in the puzzle actually snatched them from the real level. Since notes stay collected now, the game thinks you already picked them up, but didnt add to your score.

Otherwise, keep looking, check every window of the house.
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