Question from draco12333

What are the rewards for Prestige?

I havent seen anyone above lv 67, so i havent had a chance to ask. if anyone has no-lifed it and found out...

draco12333 provided additional details:

Not there

draco12333 provided additional details:

Its not on the cheats yet

Accepted Answer

swaz_evilhippie answered:

I know three people in real life who have prestiged and you get a extra class slot, titile and a emblem.
You do not get any extra challenges.
By the way.... you get to keep you titles and emblems from your previous Prestige(s)
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scooter1996 answered:

Check the cheat area.
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Godyssey answered:

Lolz. Go to the leaderboards for score, top 10. People are 2nd prestige already.
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Goobasauros answered:

I played with 2 4th prestige people 2 days ago... kinda crazy to see that alot of peoples lives are this game...
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EpicIn10sity answered:

I'm pretty sure, from seeing vids and hearing other people, that you get extra class slots (yay!), a title, emblem, and some new challenges
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