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How do i create that clan tag that looks like a little hand gun?

I see it all the time online, its an

MRFTBALL84 provided additional details:

Seriously! nobody seems to know, or want to tell, but i see it all the time online and even remember it on cod 4...... i was thinking it has to do with changing language or hex editing, but i see it so often that i doubt all of them hex edited it !

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Bo_Va answered:

its the mexican e with the little dash on top of it then a degree symbol then Quotes 2 of them "" and thats all the e with dash of it can be slanted either way too.
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D_Spear answered:

I wanna know too. So cool...
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imcodcrazy117 answered:

Add me on xbox live i will show you how. My gt is whit3trash101.
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sgttaters answered:

%*** I think
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lorzacq answered:

First go to symbols then lowercase E with diagonl line pointing top right then do the tiny o, to finish click right trigger and to quoteations hope this helped.
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Strbrst answered:

e*"" Tada!

e - lowercase 'e' with an accent on it
* - small 'o' (not actually an asterisk)
" - quotation mark
" - quotation mark
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