Question from daniel315

Asked: 5 years ago

Can 2 people play on xboxlive on the same xbox?

similar to playing halo 3 online, up to four people were able to play on a single xbox if one person had an XBL account

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From: BlueFlamez47 5 years ago

Nope. Me and my brother tried it, but unlike in Halo 3 or CoD 3, you can only have one person playing at a time. Unless you are playing split screen, but that is just between you and the other person you are playing on it with, its not global.

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Yea, this is a feature that wasn't in CoD4, or WaW, so you can go ahead and assume it's not in MW2. Plain and simple IW didn't wanna deal with the whole social versus ranked playlist nonsense, plus guests=lotsa LAG, so the experience is better overall with one person per xbox. This is however partially the reason why IW beefed up the offline split screen play.

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