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Moab title?

How do you get it? I heard it was from calling in a nuke when your losing, but i do it in ground war during domination and i never get the title.

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D_Spear answered:

Maybe you haven't unlocked the challenge yet. "Ultimate Sacrifice" aka nuke enemy while losing is in the Elite or Intimidation Challenges and is unlocked at level 50-60 something. Unlock the challenge first then do your thing.
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pastyD answered:

I think you get it for calling in a nuke when your team is ABOUT to lose.
i don't know how they decide what counts as about to lose.
i know that there is a certain point in every game where the announcer points out whether you are winning or losing, usually around 160 in ground war domination.
possibly you need to call it if after that point if you are losing.
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tlmno answered:

Pasty is somewhat right. To get it, you need to nuke the enemy while your team is losing. That's all you have to do. But usually, if someone on your team has a nuke, you're most likely winning; unless of course, you have some type of strategy. Like maybe, if your teammate gets a nuke, let the enemy get the better score than you, or let them get the highest number and then you/teammate nukes 'em. Hope this helps.
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