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Whats a good age to play this?

My cousin is 12 and really wants to play this. He plays Halo 3 and watches me all the time. Should i let him play with me?

exojosh200 provided additional details:

Okay, you guys this kid is like:

1. He never uses a mic.
2. Nerves of steel men, nerves of steel.
3. Unfazed by language and violence.

So dont be sayin he will be flame warred by everyone on Xbox Live.

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LakeVoorhees85 answered:

Treygw is right, not only is the game gory, but it will open his mind to the frightening possabilities of what this world could suffer from. And for the age of 12, its not a burden he should have to think about. If your not going to take our advice, then only allow him to play online, with NO mic. Do NOT allow him to play the campaign. Its a little too much for a 12 year old. And he will most certainly be given stick online. Doesnt matter about age, race, or rank, he will get flamed no matter what. We all do.
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Thevolatileman answered:

Its really whatever you want, though I would recommend (sorry for the spelling) not letting him play it until he is old enough
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treygw answered:

No, 12 is too young. The average player is around 15-18, and they HATE pre-teens. If he has a high voice, makes jokes that are indicative of his age, and does anything else to let other players know how old he is, they will DESTROY him verbally. They will literally make him cry because of their harrassment. Also, the game has a lot of swearing and violence. It's rated M for a reason
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Albertthefatcat answered:

Treygw is exactly right. wait until the age of 15 (at the earliest).
halo 3 is different the cod too.
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Albertthefatcat answered:

I still think you should not let him play it.
He is twelve; the game is for 17 year olds.
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