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The Throwing Knife

Version 1
July 21st, 2010

Table of Contents

The Introduction

The Throwing Knife

Great Strategies for Maximum Use

Conclusion, Credits, and Copyright

The Introduction

Hi there! Thanks for opening up this guide. Please don’t 
think that this is short because of the small Table of 
Contents. There is plenty of info on the Throwing Knife 

Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular shooter games 
of all time. It has a cool campaign, awesome special ops 
missions, and the multiplayer that Infinity Ward has been 
known for. The multiplayer is much like its predecessors. 
This time Infinity Ward were even more creative and added 
much more content to the multiplayer. This content ranged 
from new guns, maps, game modes, and items. My personal 
favorite is the new addition of the Throwing Knife. Since 
this Throwing Knife is so amazing and strategic, I am 
making a guide to teach people how to use it so they can 
enjoy it as much as me. 

The Throwing Knife

On August 28th 2009, Infinity Ward unveiled the addition of 
throwing knives. It is basically another knife but unlike 
the tactical knife (your melee attack) this knife can be 

The Throwing Knife is available for the create-a-class once 
the player reaches level 7 and falls under the equipment 
category. Since you can only hold one piece of equipment, 
you will need to decide between a Frag, Semtex, ect. Out of 
the entire equipment branch, the throwing knife is the most 
difficult to use. It makes you wonder then, “Why would I 
want to choose this Throwing Knife over a good semtex 
grenade”. That will be explained below.

The Purpose of The Throwing Knife

No matter how much health an enemy has, the throwing knife 
is always a OHK (One Hit Kill or One Hit Knock-Out). It 
does not matter if the enemy is using the painkiller 
deathstreak, the throwing knife can cut right through that. 
(the only exception is a private match with custom 

At first the throwing knife may seem like an extremely 
underrated equipment piece so it would be normal to pass it 
up. However, throwing knives make the greatest, most 
humiliating kills. Throwing Knife montages are outstanding 
and very entertaining to watch. Not only are the kills epic 
for you, but also for the person you just killed because 
they will get to see the knife hit them through the knife’s 
point of view.

Besides the kill being very stylish, you get bonus title 
(much like Buzzkills and Double Kills) for a throwing knife 
kill. This little bonus is titled “Bullseye!”. Just like 
mostly every other piece of equipment in this game, there 
are challenges that can be met and awarded with Experience 
and new Titles and emblems. The Challenges that involve the 
throwing knife are as followed…

Carnie I – Kill 5 players with a Throwing Knife – Awarded 
500 exp and the Cloak and Dagger Title

Carnie II – Kill 15 player with a Throwing Knife – Awarded 
2500 exp and awarded the Take A Stab title.

Carnie III – Kill 30 players with a Throwing Knife – 
awarded 5000 exp and the Throwing Knife emblem.

Did You See That? - Kill someone with a Throwing Knife 
while flashed or stunned – awarded 1000 exp, the Silence 
title, and the gas mask emblem

It’s Personal! - Hurt an enemy and then finish them with a 
Throwing Knife – awarded 1000 exp, the It’s Personal title, 
and the helmet with throwing knife emblem.

Unbelievable - Get a game winning Killcam with a Throwing 
Knife kill – awarded 2500 exp, the Unbelievable title, and 
the Throwing Knife emblem (different from the other one)

ATM - Get a payback with a throwing knife – awarded 3500 
exp, the New Jack title, and the Talon emblem.

So these are the specific challenges that specifically need 
the throwing knife (all challenge data came from Perfectionists will need to learn how 
to use these. 

Throwing Knives Only makes a very fun private match game 
mode as well. 

Great Strategies for Maximum Use

-How to Use The Throwing Knife

So throwing the throwing knife couldn’t be any easier, all 
you do is press the right bumper/R1. However, it is more 
difficult than just tossing a frag grenade. The Throwing 
Knife travels very fast and is almost invisible to during 
gameplay. This makes hitting a target much easier or much 
more difficult. It would be wise to get the feel of how 
fast the knife travels. Also, if the knife is thrown 
through the air, it will fall at an arch. This makes 
hitting targets from a far/higher area, much more difficult 
as well. Players should also get the feel on how much the 
knife will arch (althougth it is kind of difficult). 

Despite these drawbacks, the knife has great advantages to 
it as well. Once it is thrown, it does not matter if it was 
a hit or a miss, you can go and recover the knife the same 
way you would pick up a weapon up off the ground. This 
means that you can use your knife over and over again, be 
warned though. Sometimes it will be difficult to get it 
back. If retrieving the knife is too much of a hassle, you 
can use the tier 1/blue/first perks Scavenger or One Man 
Army to replenish the equipment. Another cool thing is that 
if someone else is throwing knives as well, you can pick 
theirs up.

-Throwing Knives Combined with Riot Shields

A common strategy is to use the Throwing Knife with a Riot 
Shield class. The too of them can make a killer (literally) 
combination. If you have used both of these weapons, you 
will know that the riot shield is very slow and the 
throwing knife is very fast. The riot shield is used mostly 
for protection and defending a flag or bomb site. While 
using the riot shield, back up into a corner so your rear 
is not exposed to bullets. That way you are fully protected 
and enemies have no choice but to stand their and stare at 
you. In the exact moment that the enemy stops wonders how 
they can get rid of you, use the throwing knife. The knife 
comes out so sudden and fast that it is impossible to 
dodge. After that, walk out, retrieve your knife, and do it 
again. This strategy is great for defending bombs and such.

-Another Great Strategy with Riot Shields and Throwing 

Due to its speed, the throwing knife can be used to speed 
weapon switches. This strategy would go well with the riot 
shield again. If the first method doesn’t float your boat 
and you would rather smash the enemy with the riot shield 
like a barbarian, than that is great! However though, the 
riot shield takes two hits (three at times) to fully kill 
an enemy. Both of these hits are slow and can leave you 
very exposed and easy to attack. The good news is, is that 
the throwing knife can make the melee process go by much 
quicker. What you do is first melee the enemy (this should 
be easy because they won’t normally see it coming), then 
switch to your throwing knife, then press the Y/Triangle 
button to change weapons (it will go back to the riot 
shield), and then quickly melee him again.

-Deadly Reflexes

This next strategy is more of a complicated yet simple one. 
If you have been using the throwing knife (like the guide 
states) then you would see that it has an extremely thin 
cross-hair. The small cross-hair does make it difficult to 
aim the knife (especially in Close Quarters Combat). If a 
player does enter CQC and needs to get the kill, the 
throwing knife is an excellent choice due to OHK. However, 
the tiny cross-hair does make this more difficult (as 
stated above). The smart idea is to memorize and visualize 
where that cross hair is going to be. In a CQC situation, 
the throwing knife will always go straight (unless you 
throw it in the air for some reason). The straight throw 
and fast speed of the throwing knife will always guarantee 
the knife will hit where the cross-hair is pointed. Make 
sure to point is at the enemy (obviously). With that cross-
hair knowledge in mind, try to visualize where the cross-
hair will appear and than throw the knife when the enemy 
lines up with the imaginary cross-hair. A very VERY good 
tip is to find some tape and take a thin strip of it and 
put it on your screen where the throwing knife marker 
appears. Now it is easier for you to see when an enemy 
lines up with it.
-The Most Stylish Ways To Take Out Campers

Much like grenade launchers, the throwing knife can 
ricochet of surfaces. Unlike grenade launchers, the 
throwing knife can still kill. Throwing Knives can bounce 
of surfaces when thrown at angles. This makes killing 
someone around the corner a lot more stealthy, safer, and 
stylish. However, if you miss, it is a good chance that 
your cover will be blown. The throwing knife does make 
banging noises and leaves a fast trail of light behind it 
so despite being very fast and sneaky, it can also be semi-


Whether this guide has helped or enlightened you in anyway, 
I would like to thank you for reading it. I have had so 
much fun with the throwing knife and hope you do as well. 

---------. – seriously, these guys are awesome.
Infinity Ward – this game is awesome!
Activision – uhh…thanks for publishing it
GameFAQS – my favorite gaming website


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