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How do I solve tweedledum and tweedledee SAW it can you SEE it?

I cant figure this out plz help.

toddillus provided additional details:

Hey guys thanks for all the help. its nice to no i can go to at least one site for help and not be treated like an ass.

once again thank u guys.

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OdogforMVP answered:

Hold down the left trigger when you see the SeeSaw. It is very close to the main gate. While facing the main gate, it is on the right side.
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brian_borlaug answered:

you have to "scan" (left bumper and hold) the see saw in the arkham area where it is at, I believe it is north but just make sure the riddle comes on the screen in the area and you will find it
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psycho212 answered:

There is a see saw near the Main Gate to Arkham Asylum just to the right as you are looking at the gate.
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rickyl3 answered:

You have to the right of Arkham's Main Gate, which is in the middle, to the North in Arkham North. There are two see-saws there. Look at them long-ways and do the scan (I'm not sure if this is exactly necessary, but it's what I did to solve it).
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Yeh wat they said.
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