Question from cashuss_K

How do i get into Killer crocs lair?

How do i defeat the guards when getting to the crocs lair?

CottonBud191 asked for clarification:

Where do you mean? Be a bit more specific.


loxleyofhood answered:

To get to croc's lair you need to go into the catacombs or sewers, i think there are quite a few roots to take but i normally go from arkham north, theres like a half destroyed building with a door and that should lead you there, But you only need to go there once because there is no challenges in his lair.
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Virrus54 answered:

There is no technique for specific guards: they all are the same
hit them and counter their attacks, then use your combo movements and critical hits
take out the armed ones first
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Dukeman20 answered:

U have to find cash to have him tell u where to foind killer crocs lair is .
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