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Pump room after storymode?

How do I get back into the pump rooms after i beat storymode? the electric barrier is up from the sewer entracne and i cant get back up to the elevator shaft i used to escape

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Just to be clear about what part I'm talking about...The pump rooms where you stop the Titan drug from being released into the water supply, after you accomplish this you head back into a circular room where the Joker traps you and has you fight waves of his henchmen. After they are defeated you escape through the elevator shaft that a Titan henchman broke through, once at the top your next objective is to head to the Garden to battle Ivy and her giant plant.

MyJeffHardyhat provided additional details:

Thanks NumenorKing, you where right...I cant beleive after all the back tracking I've done I totally blanked out on looking for the box to fry :P

Accepted Answer

NumenorKing answered:

I think I know where you are. On the sewer side use detective mode to follow the electrical wiring from the electric fence and it should lead you to the control box.
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OOWolf37 answered:

Go to the room with the guards trying to clear the room of gas. Pass the security field, turn right and look up you'll be able to grapple on to the duct, and climb up. Blow up the wall then use the ultra-batclaw and take down the wall on the otherside of room. then use your batarang to brake the box next to the door to start the fans.
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bobbychez answered:

If you have not beaten Ivy yet, you need to beat her first. Then you will be able to enter the cave/sewer system through the original Batcave entrance by Intensive Treatment.
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