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Getting back into the batcave after Killer Croc??

I know I was suppose to stay in Killer Crocs lair to get back into the batcave but i left and went back out into the grounds and now i cant find how to get back into the lair or the batcave itself.. which is my best opition to get the my destination??

BDza asked for clarification:

Have you already defeated Croc and gotten the plant you needed to make the antidote?

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laracroft21 answered:

I made the same mistake. You have to go back to the sewer. Go to the area near the Intensive Treatment bldg. You have to grapple up to a guard tower and then zip across to the platform above the front door. (The platform has big spikes around it so you can't grapple directly to it). Then you re-enter the bldg. and trace your way back to the elevator shaft (secure transfer, IIRC). Just jump down the shaft until you're all the way to the bottom and then exit through the door (cell block) and you'll find your way to the sewer. At the water, go to your right, using your zipline as needed. You'll pass Croc's lair, continue right and you'll see some Joker's teeth and a door.
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mrtadpole answered:

Once you've defeated Poison Ivy you can go practically anywhere you may have missed something. Just enter next to the intensive care building or through the sewers with the bat zip-line gadget.
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