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Whats the beat way to get money?



ThatTwinTom answered:

i think one of the best ways to get money is to zone between:

Everlight Temple (if you stand on a switch it opens a door which you can then go through (just before the door there is some gold) and in the room there is about 2000g

Everlight Town (if you enslaved) you get 100g per 10 people enslaved eg 99people = 900g

Nordberg (in you enslaved) same amounts

Empire City (once completed there is no enemies and around the city there is about 2000g and high rate weapons/armour)
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sabokeme answered:

In the Everlight Facility there is a large room with a sunken area with lots of smashable items for the minions in addition to a crapload of gold. This is not far from where you can also kill alot of those annoying gnomes!
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Zephadus answered:

Ten Steps to Easy Money:
1. Go to the Everlight Facility.
2. Bring out your best Brown Minions.
3. Hang a left after you get to the main hall (this should bring you to a Gnome-spawning door).
4. Stand a good distance from the door; an estimated 4-5 meters (12-15 feet) should be good.
5. Stand against the wall opposite the switch.
6. Face the switch.
7. Use an elastic or similar item to hold down your Right Trigger.
8. Go for a jog, eat lunch, or do something else to waste a 30 minutes or so.
9. At every 30-minute interval, reconnect your controller, press A, exit the menu, and repeat steps 7 and 8.
10. Return to your mass riches in every currency (Gold, Crystals, Minions...)
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