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How do I beat the swamp troll?

The swamp troll at the end of the dead bog stage is giving me some problems. When he gets dazed and you are asked to press RT to finnish him off nothing happens. The process is repeated several times and nothing happens until i am finnally killed. What am i supposed to do to finnish him off?

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Inuyasha50095 answered:

When you hit the Right Trigger, you have to wait until the circle goes inside the other circle, and the second it does, you have to hit any button on the controller. This sequence is repeated about four times after this, and then he kills it.
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angelhunter71 answered:

You think thats hard wait to you fight the dark knight . two bosses back to back!
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Inuyasha50095 answered:

Oh great, now we have to fight Batman in this game? Now we're all screwed! ;)
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ViolentJ643 answered:

The Swamp Troll is very easy. I don't even consider that a boss. The Ice Titan was more of a challenge. Haven't gotten to this "Dark Knight". And if it's two of them then wouldn't they be plural (i.e. Dark Knights)? Or is it the Dark Knight and the Joker?
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johnpart2 answered:

You are not fighting them at the same time, it is more like fighting Bane, then you get a cut scene, then Batman. Getting the snot knocked out of me right now by Bats, so not sure what is after that.
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lanceprobe answered:

to beat swamp troll you have to wait till the troll glow white then press you RT button once then you will jump on and when the two ring come up wait till the iner one glows and then hit your A BUTTON on your controller , the ring will come up again hit the A BUTTON AGAIN and the hit the Y BUTTON WHEN ASK
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