Question from bastrdblade77

How do I solve the stupid music box puzzle?(spoiler)

I have the green,red,and magenta spindles,but I cant figure out the order to move any farther. Please help me before I go crazier!

Accepted Answer

Grimbear13 answered:

red -> magenta go down the path "to the right" where you got the magenta one. Theres another cylindar yellow i believe. Next its red -> yellow. then you get blue, and its red -> blue -> magenta -> green will take you to the end i believe (Right). And if you switch green for yellow theres a gem to the left. (don't quote me on the orders per say but I can tell you traps to color so you know

Green - Spike
Red - Raises Platforms in pit
Purple - Removes Circular saws
Yellow - Makes the fire have a pattern
Blue - Makes Electricity have a pattern.
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