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How do I beat (Stone Titan)?

Hello, i just cant give the final strike with the crystal to the stone titan i always miss the crystal that the girl is throwing at me although i hist R2 while the inner circle enters the outer circle in the QTE.

What am i doing wrong?

thessalonik provided additional details:

Can you help me please?


simpoldood answered:

It's not R2 or RT that you have to press. It's Square (X), X (A), or Triangle (Y) buttons for all QuickTime Events. R2(RT) grab is just for things that are glowing white.
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thessalonik answered:

Should i press the X button while having R2 pressed or should i release R2 prior of pressing X ?

Ans which button exactly shoudl i press? X? A? or Y?
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ibLeo answered:

Don't press R2. Press the jump button. Or one of the whip buttons. I'm not quite sure how you've forgotten this, since to get to the Stone Titan you would have had to have already done this for the Swamp Troll and for riding the Warthogs, and the Wargs, and the Giant Spiders.
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thessalonik answered:

Hello and a happy new year,

i have tried everyhing even the jump, having or not having R2 pressed.
The character just aint grasping the crystal.
And iam doign all those the exacy moment that the outer circle enters the inner circle.
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